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Angelus is a powerful red dragon whom Caim meets early on in Drakengard's story. Though Caim despises dragons for killing his parents in a traumatic event of his childhood, he is driven to free the dragon from its shackles and enter a soul pact with it to recover from his grievous wounds, and also for the power necessary to defeat the Imperials at the gate. Angelus realises she will die if she does not agree to the pact, and therefore acquiesces.

Caim forfeits his ability to speak, as all humans who enter a pact with a supernatural creature are required to sacrifice something of value. However, the ancient and wise dragon deigns to speak on his behalf, revealing much of the game's lore and background while discussing current events.

It is only during the canonical ending, when Caim and the dragon have reached a level of mutual respect and admiration, does she reveal her true name to him as "Angelus". In one of the alternate endings, she is transformed into a fearsome Chaos Dragon form and is reluctantly forced to fight Caim. In another, the canonical ending for the Nier continuity, she is shot down alongside Caim over Tokyo by Japanese military fighter jets.

Drakengard 2 features Angelus briefly as a rampaging boss that needs to be defeated, as the once-erudite dragon has long since been driven mad after the events of the first game's canonical ending. Caim asks the protagonist of that game, Nowe, to put Angelus out of her misery and later joins her as they are both incinerated.

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