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The latest of the long running series Angry Birds makes it's way to the continent of South America. Featuring familiar characters from the animated film Rio; the game takes place in the tropical hotspot Rio de Janeiro. Angry Birds Rio currently features six chapters that each contain 30 levels. In Rio, the objectives slightly differ from defeating the menacing green piggies of prior Angry Birds titles. In contrast, the first chapter tasks the player with freeing various native exotic birds, while the second has you attacking evil marmosets in a jungle environment. Another major difference from past titles is that Rio features a unique and challenging boss fight. Developer Rovio Mobile has promised additional content in the upcoming months leading to the films worldwide release.

In October 2011, the Mighty Eagle add-on was made available for in-app purchase on iOS versions of the game. This adds an additional challenge to each level where the player attempts to achieve complete destruction. It also allows the player to skip a level every hour.


Angry Birds has been met with critical acclaim, which is especially surprising as it is a licensed title. Touch Arcade noted that, "Angry Birds Rio is anything but a quick cash in". While Slide to Play remarked, "It is a textbook example of how to seamlessly blend a game with a movie, and with additional levels on the way, it's a must play for longtime fans as well as newcomers". Angry Birds Rio currently averages 5 stars on the Itunes App Store and an 89% on Metacritic.


  1. Smugglers' Den
  2. Jungle Escape
  3. Beach Volley
  4. Carnival Upheaval
  5. Airfield Chase
  6. Smugglers' Plane


1. Breakout!

All warehouse levels cleared

2. Jungle Fever

All jungle levels cleared

3. Warehousing Skills

Earn 3 stars in all the warehouse levels

4. Master of the Jungle

Earn 3 stars in all of the jungle levels

5. Stellarvore

Earn 3 stars on all levels

6. Marmoset Terminator

Hit 2,800 marmosets

7. Flower Power

100 flowers destroyed

8. A Star is Born

40 stars earned in total

9. Rising Star

100 stars earned in total

10. Scrambled Eggs

White bird unlocked

11. Birds of a Feather

Blue and Jewel unlocked

12. Pineapple Purist

Collect all pineapples

13. Banana Fanatic

Collect all bananas

14. Dedicated Player

Play for 2 hours

15. Credit Where Credit is Due

Credits viewed from beginning to end

16. Friendly Fire

Hit a bird with another bird

17. Sniper

Direct hit on a marmoset

18. Lateral Thinker

3 birds launched backwards

19. Sharp Shooter

Level completed with a single bird

20. Block Obliterator

10,000 blocks destroyed in total


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