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If It Ain't Broke, Don't...zzzzzzzzzzzz... 0

Right off the bat, I think it should be noted that I might be one of the world's most irrational Animal Crossing nuts. When the original game came out for the GameCube, I was one of the people who actually did play the game every day for a year. When the game out for DS, I thought at first I would waste another year of my life when I should have been doing something my parents considered "more productive than playing a video game". Well I certainly did play some games, but it wasn't Wild World f...

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Animal Crossing: City Folk review 1

Nintendo's mortgage simulator arrives on the Wii with new places to visit and greater connectivity options.Animal Crossing keeps the formula from the previous two games, make a life for yourself in a village full of anthropomorphic creatures with some bizarre dispositions. In your new village you'll experience a very open world of choices that can be compared to The Sims or Harvest Moon, you have no defined goals and it's up to you to make this sandbox into a game. After building your character ...

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An great game by all means... there's just hardly anything new. 0

Positive: + very bright, fun atmosphere + towns are big + graphics and frame rate are incredibly smooth + superb Wii controls that don’t overdo themselves + unique, quirky sense of humor + relaxing, fun music   Negative: - the game is hardly even an update to Wild World - Nook’s store takes way too long to expand - the city is small and lacking anything that’s actually worth your time   Animal Crossing: Wild World on the DS was a huge hit because it managed to be so and big and fun on such a sm...

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The worst title in an otherwise excellent series 0

To preface all of this: I am a 22 year old male, and I love me some Animal Crossing. I've been addicted to this quaint and relaxing series since the Gamecube release, so it was no surprise that I'd gobble on the sequel on the Wii. As such, I'm approaching this game from the standpoint of someone who has played both the original and Wild World, and I'd imagine this review would be most useful to you if you're also on the same page.   Animal Crossing: City Folk Predictably, the general structure...

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