Final day... why not read a great LP?

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As we wait for the game to drop on the eShop tonight, why not take a little time to read a hilarious let's play of the predecessor game in the franchise?

Read, and understand why some consider Tom Nook a soulless monster of Dickensian proportions.

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It's even more amazing if you have this playing in the background...

Loading Video...

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Yep. Read it years ago. And it does open your eyes to the crazy shit that goes on in Animal Crossing.

Is Animal Crossing conditioning our kids for a future of subservient total control? Is the future a nightmare dressed as a "holiday camp"?

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As a regular watcher of Youtube LPs I am deeply offended by the notion of having to read something. Reading? Seriously? Who the fuck reads anything other than unintelligible text messages? Outrageous.

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#5 Posted by flasaltine (2392 posts) -

That was amazing.

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@spiderjerusalem: I thought that was just a playlist of all of KK Slider's song.

that was an unpleasant surprise ;___;

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