My stupid Animal Crossing obsession

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The past few weeks I've been waiting to get paid so I can go buy some sorely needed new clothes. Well I got paid today, but since I'm a vain asshole I can't buy clothes in my small town and therefore have to drive to the city to do so. I was planning to do this tomorrow. While reading Nintendo news I realized there's a Best Buy where I'm going too, and then discovered that starting Sunday I can get a raccoon clock there. So now my shopping day is pushed back 24 hours, because I want a raccoon clock in Animal Crossing.

I've been hardcore into Animal Crossing since the Gamecube. On the Wii my ex-girlfriend and her daughter lived in my town also, but they lived under oppression from me. I wanted a perfect town and a golden watering can, and their haphazard non-powergaming way of playing was a hindrance to that goal. It was super technical to get a perfect town in City Folk, and it was easy to fuck up. So I was the flower nazi.

Years before that my sister lent me her Gamecube and Animal Crossing. It was tougher in those days, because there was no online trading and even cheating with the code system was a hassle. Nonetheless I managed fish all day every day to get a golden statue of myself built in the middle of town. Inspired by my gold statue she completed the same tasks as me when I returned her Gamecube, and she only got a silver statue haha

For someone so notorious for calling everything gay, I sure seem to take my Animal Crossing seriously, which is the epitome of a game not meant to be taken seriously. These are my secret Animal Crossing shames. My question is, what stupid things have you done for the sake of this game, knowing full well how stupid they are? I am well aware I may be the only one on Earth with a shameful Animal Crossing story haha

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It's not necessarily shameful for me but when I was about 15 my mom was obsessed with Animal Crossing on the GCN, and completely forgot to pick me up from school because she was playing it. I didn't have a cell phone, and when I got home she was like "where were you???"

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