The Museum: What's the Point?

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This is the first Animal Crossing that I've played more than 5 minutes of, so maybe this just just something obvious that I don't get, but when I catch new fish, bugs, fossils, etc. Should I be donating them to the Museum instead of selling them for bells? What does the museum do differently from that encyclopedia that you have on the bottom screen to keep track of the things you've caught? Is there some kind of purpose that I am entirely missing?

And if I donate all this stuff, is there another way to get a lot of bells that I don't know about? I owe Nook a bunch of bells and nice fish, fossils, etc. seem to command a lot more bells than my stacks of oranges.

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I think Jeff mentioned on the podcast at one point that the museum was the way (or one of the ways) to get upgraded tools or something. I don't know if that's true or not, and if it is, I hope it's not that you need to complete the collections 100%. I think that the kinds of bugs and fish that you can catch are based on what month it is, so hypothetically it would take about a year to actually get everything. Or you could just fuck with the system clock.

But as for owing Tom Nook, beetles and sharks from the island (when you get access to it) are by far the best way to get bells.

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It's nice to fill out the museum and create full dino skeletons.

I think if you're looking to min/max Animal Crossing you've got the wrong attitude, you just do things because they're nice.

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@metzo_paino I get what you're saying. I just didn't know if it would unlock something or keep me from being able to do things by not donating to the museum. I just don't really know much about this game so far. Right now I want to have a cool house more than I care about the museum being full, I guess.

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After you donate a set amount of items (20 or 40 inc one of each type - fish, bug, art, fossil) Blathers will ask you to expand the museum as a public works project. This also unlocks a small shop selling silver tools as well as four large rooms you can rent to use how you want.

Whether you want to fill the museum or not is totally up to you. I do it because I like the collection part of the game and I like to see all the fish swimming in the aquarium. That's the main difference between the museum and the encyclopaedia - presentation. You get to see those things you'v collect nicely displayed and in the case of fish and bugs, walking or swimming around. Why would you want to do that? Well, only you can answer that question.

Scorpion and Tarantula having a fight in museum
Scorpion and Tarantula having a fight in museum

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Tom Nook is a cold mother fucker.

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In addition to what @nezza said, it leads to unlocking the cafe as well.

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it's so you can bring some culture to your backwards ass town

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The _________: what's the point?

Could be a title for pretty much everything in the game.

You can only donate everything once so it doesn't really slow down your income.

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Certain upgrades for buildings are locked behind having donated a certain amount of things.

You wont see the Cafe or the upstairs of the Museum if you don't donate!

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The exhibit room unlocks are a good way to display all your nintendo and balloon crap so you can do something more creative with your house.

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I guess you can ask the very same thing about the game as a whole...

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What's the point of anything?

If you want to donate stuff to the museum, great. If you don't want to, that's cool too.

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You can unlock the second floor of the museum from donating, which is where you get the silver tools, and is required for the cafe as well.

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That's where you'll find the dog, Indiana.

...waits for it

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That's where you'll find the dog, Indiana.

...waits for it

I imagined Dr.Shrunk staring out into the void waiting for a laugh.

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@sergio: Reply to me once more so I can be your 1000th post. Yay! \o/

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New Leaf is my first Animal Crossing game ever. Ive played about 12h in 2 days (yeah, i liked the game) and selling new fish or bugs is definitly the best way to get $ for the loan. But i really feel like completing the Museum!

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@drjvicente: Take it slow. ha. Animal Crossing is meant for being played for a while. A lot of things progress over real time. You'll have more options in a few days for getting plenty of bells. I'd say, unless you absolutely need to, adding to the museum is a great thing to do with any new fossils, bugs, or fish you may find. :)

Also, don't miss the fireworks tonight!

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