Transferring AC:New Leaf Save Data?

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Recently, I bought the digital-download eShop version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and downloaded it onto my 2GB SD card. However, it almost filled it up, so I ordered a 32GB to replace it (figuring I could just transfer everything over, and it'd be cool, and it'd work.)

So, I started a new game in Animal Crossing while waiting for my 32GB card to come in the mail.
Once it came, I tried transferring everything from my 2GB SD card (the one that came with my 3DS) to the 32GB SDHC card (for use on the same 3DS). However, whenever I try to copy the files off of my 2GB card to my computer, it gives me an error, saying some of the files couldn't be copied.

On Nintendo's website, it lists Animal Crossing: New Leaf as not supporting the System-level Save-Data backup feature.
Perhaps the save data is what can't be copied?

Does this mean my town is forever stuck on my 2GB card?!
Please, somebody tell me otherwise.

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Mine transferred over fine when I bought a new SD card. I don't think there is an animal crossing save file separately, I'm pretty sure it's just the game file itself and the save is within that. I'm pretty sure the save backup feature is for taking just the save out of the game cart version and injecting it into the downloadable version, or vice versa.

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@xtrminatr: hmm... interesting. I'm guessing you have the eShop version as well?
If that's the case, perhaps it's just something else on my SD card that can't be transferred over?

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