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perfect game 1

Yes i admit it. I am a 24 year old man. And For over a decade the animal crossing series has been a dirty little secret of mine. And the amount of time I've obsessively spent gathering bells catching bugs fish ect. over the last 3 games is something I do not regret. In fact I could not wait for new leaf to arrive. And at last it has I have to admit I was afraid it being a handheld version it would feel a bit barren and small like wild world. But after playing New Leaf my initial expectations...

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Mini Review: Bells Bells NEED MORE BELLS! 0

Animal Crossing still works in all the right ways. A fairly simple game about starting a new life in a small town and trying to pay off your ever increasing debt to Tom Nook. To do this you can fish, catch bugs and find the magical rock that drops money like every AC game. Which is fairly addicting in some weird way. Designing your own unique house is also a element although at this point I just throw whatever I can find into mine. One of the new features is being a Mayor which lets you place bu...

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