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A good distraction... if you're 10 years old. 1

Animal Crossing was one of the first games I bought for the Gamecube. With its premise of "The Sims... but with cute animals!", I was highly susceptible to its charms at the tender age of 11. Oh, how naive I was. The game holds up well for a month or two, but once you realize that there's not much substance underneath it all, it quickly loses its charm.The premise of the very minimal story is that you, a human character that can be either male or female, have moved away from home and taken up re...

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A change of pace with a geniune atmosphere of relaxation. 0

             Imagine moving into a forest town with a kooky raccoon as a storeowner, who gives you a house the size of a warehouse. You have to pay him back for it over time, and eventually you can upgrade your house into a mansion. Along with doing so you will come across villagers (other animals) who will give you errands to run for them, paint your house the most ugly shade of yellow without your consent, and gossip about the other townsfolk. Animal Crossing is a change of pace from first-per...

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One of my favorite games and series of all time! 0

NA Animal Crossing GC Box Art Nintendo is known for their innovation in their games and Animal Crossing is no acceptation. Animal Crossing, for the Nintendo Game Cube, is an update to the classic japanese game for N64. The concept of the game is that you have just moved out on your own and you move to a town inhabited by big headed talking animals. The first of the many of the animals you meet is Tom Nook the store owner. He helps you get your first home after getting off the train. You will h...

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A tad monotonous, but engrossing nonetheless. 0

You are a loner; one who is moving to a mysterious land for no apparent reason whatsoever. You have nothing with you, no one to accompany you, and no past to speak of. While daydreaming of what awaits you at your upcoming destination, a mild mannered creature sits in the booth in front of you. Curious at where this poor creature could be heading to, the cat named Rover, asks where you are heading. You adequately reply that you are moving, but have no home to look forward to when you get there. S...

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