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    Animation Canceling

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    Using any form of input or interruption to cause a character's sprite or 3D animation for landing/attacking/etc to drop frames and stop early. This allows you to instantly keep moving or attacking rather than waiting for said animation to finish going through all its frames.

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    Animation Canceling in Fighting Games

    One of the more common places to find and use animation canceling is in fighting games. Here animation canceling is used to create a sequence of attacks that hit in rapid succession creating a combo.  Further more, fighting games also feature a specific type of animation canceling called a Roman Cancel. 

    Roman Cancel:

     Roman Canceling refers to canceling an animation on command. It first appeared in the game Guilty Gear X from which it gets it's name. Roman Canceling appears in other games such as Street Fighter 4  under the name of Focus Attack Dash Cancel, or FADC.  
    Roman Canceling is primarily used to cancel the animation of one attack so you could perform another attack that you normally wouldn't be able to perform. A common example of this is found in Street Fighter IV where Ryu performs a shoryuken then FADC's or Roman Cancels into his super combo or ultra combo.

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