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    Annie Murakami

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    Annie comes from a powerful family of psychics. She uses her abilities to help Radel in his journey to destroy the Black Dragon. She is accompanied by her pet cat, Qui-zi.

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    Annie Murakami was born into an ancient family of psychics. Early in her life, the leader of the family noticed that her psychic abilities were exceptionally powerful. He hoped that she would play an important role in the future of the family and the world.
    Despite her young age, she was tasked with helping Radel find and defeat Johan. Annie, along with her black cat named Qui-zi, traveled with Radel, leaving home and her insular life for the first time. The novelty of the outside world has left her fascinated. 

    Story Ending

    In Radel and Annie’s ending, Radel dies when he tries to protect Annie from Johan. She is deeply saddened by his sacrifice and mourns his passing. She wonders how she will be able to continue fighting without him to support her.


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