Looks like there are some duplicate pages here.

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I'm not to familiar with the Anno franchise but some of the pages here are duplicates of each other.

The just released WII/DS game is called:

  • Anno: Create a New world

The upcoming game is called:
  •  Anno 1701 AD for PC
  •  Anno 1701: Dawn of discovery for the DS

This page should be the one to go if I am not mistaking:

Dawn of Discovery
released on June 9, 2009
WII, DS, PCUbisoft Entertainment, Related Designs Software GmbH, Blue Byte Software, Inc.

Also looks like that there are a number of special edition game pages that should be mergerd into the "main" gamepages but since we do not have the proper tools to do that for the moment it might be better to wait with that stuff.

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Endogene said:
I'm not to familiar with the Anno franchise but some of the pages here are duplicates of each other.The just ... [more]
The DS, PC and Wii games are all different games, though similar in general concept and setting. Going to be fun trying to find someone well versed in all three well enough to flesh out each entry in a proper manner. Good luck trying to keep other people from mixing them all up until then.

"Anno: Create a New World" is the European name of what we're getting as "Dawn of Discovery". Merge those babies and add "Anno: Create a New World" as an alias to the DS and Wii pages.

Anno 1701 Limited Edition should be a safe delete. No additional gameplay content, engine tweaks, etc. Standard Limited Edition release action. (Moby)

Nothing else really delete/combine-worthy from the franchise.
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@roushimsx: Oh my that complicates everything quite a bit.... I wonder who was the genius to decide to call the game virtually the same as the previous DS game in the states.

I've done some renaming and some Alias work, this should normally fix it:
http://www.giantbomb.com/dawn-of-discovery/61-25818/ WII/DS version

http://www.giantbomb.com/dawn-of-discovery/61-25510/ PC version

edit: oh my this is getting worse and worse... what the US is getting as dawn of discovery on the PC is called anno 1404 here for which I created a page a long time ago http://www.giantbomb.com/anno-1404/61-23459/
I guess that i should have the Dawn of discovery PC page deleted now.

This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:

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