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Anomalous Readings should be confused with loot, as they are not finished goods that can be worn or used during missions. Instead, they are objects that randomly appear in mission instances, and can be scanned with your ship while in space or with a tricorder while on the ground. Once scanned, the data gathered can be taken and stored in the players inventory, and then transferred to their bank at a bank terminal if so desired.
When enough data samples are collected, they can be used on Memory Alpha to craft upgraded items. Note: You do not need to have data samples in your active inventory to use them on Memory Alpha.

Data Classes/Grades

There are three different classes of anomalous readings in Star Trek Online: Energy, Physical, and Technological. Each of these classes of data falls into 6 different grades (types):
  • 1 - Radiation Sample (pink)
  • 2 - Antimatter Sample (light blue)
  • 3 - Tetryon Particle (light green)
  • 4 - Methogenic Particle (dark blue)
  • 5 - Tachyon Wave Signature (yellow)
  • 6 - Chronometric Wave Signature (purple.)

  • 1 - Mineral Sample (pink)
  • 2 - Biological Sample (light blue)
  • 3 - Plasma Sample (light green)
  • 4 - DNA Sequence (dark blue)
  • 5 - Exobiological Data (yellow)
  • 6 - Unidentified Substance (purple)

  • 1 - Alien Artefact (pink)
  • 2 - Unknown Alloy (light blue)
  • 3 - Encoded Data (light green)
  • 4 - Genetic Sequencer (dark blue)
  • 5 - Photonic Technology (yellow)
  • 6 - Technical Schematic  (purple)
The different grades of data tend to be used in the different tiers when crafting on Memory Alpha. For instance, Tier 3 tends to use more level 5 and 6 data, while Tier 1 uses more level 1 and 2 data.
Data samples can be sold/traded the same as any standard loot item.

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