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    Anor Londo

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    The deserted city of the gods, located high atop the kingdom of Lordran.

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    Dark Souls

    Anor Londo is a late-game area in Dark Souls. It sits atop the highest peak in Lordran and once served as the seat of Gwyn's power; however, the resident deities have since abandoned the city, with the exception of Gwyn's youngest child Gwyndolin. At the dawn of the Age of Fire, Gwyn established himself as the leader of the world's pantheon of deities, and Anor Londo was built as the shining capital of his kingdom. Bright sunlight illuminates the city's ornate white stone structures, which now stand empty as a testament to Anor Londo's former glory. Most of the buildings in this area use elements of Gothic design.

    Concept art of Anor Londo
    Concept art of Anor Londo

    The treacherous Sen's Fortress was constructed at the base of Anor Londo as a proving ground for any Undead courageous enough to approach the city of the gods. However, the original passage leading up to Anor Londo has been blocked, and the sheer rock face surrounding the city cannot be scaled by conventional means. Instead, Bat Wing Demons transport players between the roof of Sen's Fortress and the outer walls of Anor Londo. After arriving on the upper landing of the outer wall, a short path leads to a promenade that serves as the crossroads between Gwyn's keep and the Duke's Archives, as well as a bonfire attended by the Lady of the Darkling. An Archimedes screw drives the primary elevator used to access the long bridge leading to Gwyn's keep. However, a rotating section of the bridge must be moved first, requiring players to detour across a buttress connecting the bridge to the city's cathedral.

    Anor Londo's large cathedral features statues of Gwyn and Gwynevere, as well as a conspicuously-empty third pedestal thought to once support a statue of Gwyn's unnamed and disgraced firstborn child. An enormous painting of a snowy rope bridge hangs at the cathedral's opposite end, and is in fact a portal to the Painted World of Ariamis.

    Gwyn's keep sits at the center of the city and contains the living quarters of Gwyn and his children, as well those of Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough, the guardians of the keep's inner chambers. An image of Gwynevere created by Gwyndolin awaits the Chosen Undead here and bestows the Lordvessel as a reward for reaching her. The Giant Blacksmith also plies his trade in the keep, creating unique weapons forged from the souls of certain bosses defeated throughout the game.

    Darkmoon Tomb, a separate chamber located lower in the keep, is only accessible via the rotating bridge. Gwyndolin's fog door can be discovered in this room behind an illusory statue of Gwyn, where players may opt to join the Blades of the Darkmoon covenant, or challenge Gwyndolin himself in battle.

    Anor Londo is infamous among Dark Souls players as one of the most difficult areas of the game to traverse, largely due to a pair of Silver Knight Archers posted near a narrow choke-point across a buttress leading to the keep.

    Dark Souls III

    The fabled castle of the old gods is discovered by the Ashen One in Dark Souls III soon after beating Pontiff Sulyvahn. While there are still Silver Knights guarding its exterior, much of its majesty however has gone, with death, decay, and darkness filling its once hallowed halls. Whole areas are blocked off by rubble. The Giant Blacksmith lies dead where he once offered his services to the Chosen Undead, the Giant Coal he used to ascend weapons left in his smithing hand. The Darkmoon Tomb no longer houses its master, Gwyndolin. The ruined cathedral is ankle-deep in foul sludge, defiled by its new resident and one Lord of Cinder - Aldrich, Devourer of Gods.


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