How's the day-one patching working for you?

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I confess I haven't had a lot of time for Anthem this week (Divinity OS2 has been taking up most of my time), but what little I've played of it seems...neat. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to use MKB or a controller for it (the flight mechanics on MKB seem real wonk-ass), but I'll try and sit down and give it another whirl this weekend. According to Kotaku, though, the first-day patch reduced load times a bunch but also caused a bunch of wonkiness in terms of framerates on PC. It looks like there are a fair amount of new bugs introduced by the patch, which is no bueno. Also I guess the game straight-up won't work on AMD Phenom processors.

I can't speak to the game much beyond first impressions, but this really strikes me as the kind of game where it might be best to give BioWare a few weeks to work on stuff before really digging in. At least it runs now, which is a nice change of pace compared to the betas where it refused to launch for me at all.

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Performance is definitely better - I’m not getting the weird stuttery, choppy frame rate issues. That’s about the best thing I can say about it. Didn’t make the game any better though.

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I was mostly bored by the game and then I got stuck in a menu and couldn’t do anything so I uninstalled the game. At least I only spent $5.

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@deckard: I had the exact opposite happen, unfortunately. Ran great on my old rig at High (surprisingly). After the patch, it’s barely playable at times even on Low. Completely killed my interest in the game.

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The load times have definitely improved on my SSD, went from being egregious on a level I have not seen in a long long time to acceptable.

Like a lot of others I have noticed a performance decrease, with the game now occasionally dipping below 60 on ultra at 1440p where before it was rock solid (on a 2080ti) and butter smooth.

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At first it wasn't working i had to change the language to German and then back to English in order for it to work. The download was probably corrupted.

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