L4D(Lookin' 4 Duders) PC

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#1 Posted by dOm_CaTz (310 posts) -

Title speaks for itself, add me (and/or anyone else who drops their Origin tag here) for some shlooter action.

Origin name: dom_catz

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#2 Posted by ItsTyler (29 posts) -

I'm TylerFromCanada on PC/Origin. I'm pretty bad at the game, but I'm having fun. Mainly around Friday nights / weekends, but occasional weekday evening EST. :)

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#3 Posted by keddren (35 posts) -

keddren on Origin. I'm around most evenings EST. Feed me your coins.

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#4 Posted by Rorie (5882 posts) -

I am Frailgesture on Origin but I haven't played much! Hopefully I'll get more time in this week.

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#5 Posted by Greywolf_Lexx (30 posts) -

GreyWolf_Lexx on Origin. Will be playing mostly in the evenings and a couple of mornings PST here and there. I'll jump in on the discord server when I play, Feel free to send a message or add me.

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#6 Posted by Kavrik (31 posts) -

I'm Kavrik on Origin; feel free to add me. I mostly play weekends/evening EST.

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#7 Posted by will2357 (2 posts) -

I'm will23571113 on Origin - playing mostly weekends PST. Add me if you'd like.

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#8 Posted by silenTurtle (25 posts) -

silenTurtle on Origin, I play random times depending on schedule. Feel free to add.

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#9 Posted by Giant_Gamer (762 posts) -

I read Left 4 Dead and i clicked on regardless ?

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#10 Posted by lesserworm (6 posts) -

lesserworm on Origin. I have a weird schedule, and just started, so I'm on at pretty random times. Add if you want.

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#11 Posted by VincentAvatar (87 posts) -

vincentavatar on Origin. I'm around nights EST, mostly. Been distracted by other games but hey, whatever.

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