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    Anthony Higgs

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    A soldier in the Galactic Federation Army in the Metroid universe, and a friend of Samus Aran.

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    Anthony Higgs is a soldier in the Galactic Federation Army in the Metroid universe. He refers to Samus Aran by the nickname "Princess." In Metroid: Other M, he serves as the point man of the squad that General Adam Malkovich takes to investigate the Bottle Ship.

    In the past, Anthony was a member of the same squad to which Samus was assigned while she was a member of the Galactic Federation Army. As such, he treats her as a friend. During the course of the investigation, he and Samus save each others' lives on several occasions. Most notably, when Ridley attacks and Samus begins to panic, Anthony does everything he can to distract the alien's attention. However, he can't withstand Ridley's assault and is knocked into the lava in the chamber below.

    From that point onward, it is presumed that Anthony had died. However, he actually managed to survive, and eventually returns at the end of the game to aid Samus once more. When members of the GF army board the ship in order to take Madeline Bergman into custody, he sneaks into their ranks and then reveals himself as they're about to escort her away. Because Anthony is a soldier that served under the command of General Adam Malkovich, he is able to retain the superior authority necessary to take Madeline from the other GF soldiers and escort her to a place of safety. In the end, he is the only member of Adam's team that survives the mission on the Bottle Ship.

    Remember Me?

    Anthony was the subject of a short-lived internet meme that cropped up after the unveiling of Metroid: Other M at E3 2009. In the E3 trailer, Anthony's only appearance is a short clip in which he raises his visor and says "Remember me?" While the question might make sense in the context of the game, it became unintentionally absurd in the trailer given that Anthony had never appeared in any prior Metroid game and thus no one could possibly remember him.


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