Mild nausea?

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#1 Posted by GalacticGravy (665 posts) -

I just played the first 10 minutes with a friend watching me. Both of us started to feel nauseous and had to look away, and then we turned it off.

Neither of us have ever had this response from a game in our lives. I know FPS games make some people feel sick but we've both played our share of FPS games and it's never happened.

Anyone else?

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#2 Posted by VooDooPC (552 posts) -

I got the exact same thing. I played for around 20 minutes, I had to stop playing. Never had the issue before in a game, not even in Mirrors Edge.

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#3 Posted by DrBroel (142 posts) -

Yeah, i got sick playing this. But other games cause this for me too. Namely source engine FPS. I wish i knew why some first person games make me sick and others don't. Changing FOV doesn't seem to help.

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#5 Posted by staggisHead (7 posts) -

I'm so glad someone else is feeling this. I thought I was losing my mind. I had to stop playing as well.

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#6 Posted by LiquidPrince (16884 posts) -

The only game that has ever made me sick was Tony Hawk 3 on the N64. No idea why, but I would start to get nauseous after playing for like 20 minutes. Only Tony Hawk 3 though.

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#7 Posted by cloudymusic (1933 posts) -

I sometimes get headaches/mild nausea from recent FPS games, but I didn't have any issues in the hour or so I put into this game tonight. Not sure why that is.

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#8 Edited by nights (659 posts) -

That's a bummer. I just played the game for about an hour and didn't feel any adverse effects. The only game that has ever made me dizzy is the XBLA version of Doom.

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#9 Posted by wadtomaton (588 posts) -

I only got half way through the quicklook before I had to stop watching. I used to never have 3d sickness but then one day it randomly showed up and it has gotten worse over the years. It's even started to affect me in some 3rd person games if they have cameras that are meant to feel like they are in the environments and such.

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#10 Posted by BeachThunder (14650 posts) -

The QL even made me sick...I definitely think I should avoid this game...

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#11 Posted by rbanke (233 posts) -

I made it 12 minutes (according to Steam) before I had a headache and felt sick. Sucks throwing away money on something I probably won't be able to play.

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#12 Posted by bkbroiler (1731 posts) -

I'm feeling a little nauseous, but i have been playing for a while. Still weird though, that never happens to me.

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#13 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1850 posts) -

I played it for about an hour before I had to go make dinner, and I was perfectly fine. I never get motion sickness ever though, probably from doing so much reading and stuff in the car when I was really young.

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#14 Posted by Andorski (5481 posts) -

I get it slightly. The completely bright white rooms with bold primary colors probably aren't helping either.

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#15 Posted by AgnosticJesus (547 posts) -

I experienced nausea as well but mine was accompanied by explosive diarrhea. Not sue if the game is to blame.

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#16 Posted by Justin258 (14485 posts) -

Keep in mind the strange nature of this game - maybe your brain is having problems perceiving some of the things happening?

I mean, I haven't played it, but I did see the QL and there are some strange things going on here.

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#17 Posted by L44 (638 posts) -

I got this with Quake all the time.

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#18 Posted by JaredA (853 posts) -

Nope I am fine with playing Antichamber and pretty much every other game in the world. Darksiders 1 for whatever reason made my eyes feel like they were going to melt out of their sockets.

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#19 Posted by GalacticGravy (665 posts) -

Just wanted to report back that I started playing again and haven't felt sick since. I'm a few hours in and nothing yet. Let's hope it stays that way.

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#20 Posted by Little_Socrates (5844 posts) -

I've felt the sensation every forty-five minutes playing the game, excluding one session a couple days ago. Unique to this game, too. Mirror's Edge, Portal, Quake, all fine.

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#21 Posted by 49th (3605 posts) -

Not so much nausea, but after playing for over an hour I start getting kind of sensory overload and just want to stop playing.

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#22 Posted by deactivated-57d4cf64585b7 (535 posts) -

I have not played the game personally, but when I was watching a TB video on it of him with gameplay I started to feel woozy. I think that it could be a combination of the graphics and the simple mind fucking.

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