Start of my Antichamber LP

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I just started an LP of this game because I think it's a really great game to record your unique experience playing it :) My hopes are that there won't be a point where I won't know what to do and I'll just run around aimlessly. Anyone who's got further into the game able to tell if that's a problem you run into?

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I think I'm at the point where you need a second gun. I think. I hitting a lot of puzzle dead-ends that I don't think I can solve just yet. Like 1:30 in or so.

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Uhh dude. This is considered self advertising and maybe youtube spam. This might be locked soon by a mod.

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#4 Posted by TheFreepie (90 posts) -

@IrrelevantJohn: Quoting the thread related to YouTube video spam

If you are an existing member of our community and put together a video about a game and attach it to the correct forum, this is probably fine to share as long as it doesn't get out of hand.

This is the correct forum and I have posted a subject for discussion as well as the video, however if a moderator considers it spam I won't take offence :) I did look through the rules etc first though and didn't see a problem with this.

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