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    Antonio Guster

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    F-Zero character who was one of Samurai Goroh's sidekicks and now races to seek revenge on him.

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    Antonio Guster was once one of Samurai Goroh's main sidekicks. However, Goroh betrayed Guster and left him in the hands of the Galactic Federation. He was held prisoner and since then swore to have revenge on Goroh for his treason. He know works as a bandit on his own, and races in the F-Zero GP just to bring Samurai Goroh to his end, preferably in the circuit.


    The Green Panther, much like the Fire Stingray, has an excellent body strength and top speed. However, it lacks a lot of grip, which it compensates by having superior acceleration compared to other machines of it´s same weight. The Panther is to be piloted with a heavy emphasys on drifting around turns and excells in tracks with lots of turns and obstacles since it takes full advantage of it´s acceleration to gain lost speed

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