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Anubis takes on a dog-like anthropomorphic appearance similar to the Egyptian god it shares a name with. Anubis' structure is very similar to that of Jehuty's with the exception of some notable differences.


  • Anubis was constructed with a long tail designed for grappling
  • Its legs are reverse jointed
  • Six large wings protrude from the back of Anubis which are actually vector traps
  • Anubis has a white, beige, and black color scheme

Combat Capabilities

The Anubis Orbital Frame, Piloted by Colonel Nohman, has similar, yet superior combat capabilities compared to Jehuty and was believed to be the most powerful Orbital Frame in existence. The main difference in the combat techniques between Anubis and Jehuty is the long, bladed, battle staff Anubis wields as it's primary weapon. Aside from that, Anubis shares similar burst, and dash attacks with Jehuty. However, for a period of time Anubis was more advanced than Jehuty having already been equipped with the Zero Shift ability and a shield that was seemingly indestructible to the inferior Jehuty.

Aumaan Anubis

After releasing Aumaan and losing in combat to Jehuty, Anubis retreats underground to absorb Aumaan's power. In this form, Anubis' wings are replaced by floating hexagonal fragments and it gains a halo-like structure on the top of it's head, which has changed to show a second set of eyes. Most of Anubis' armor is stripped away and it takes on a structure similar to that of Naked Jehuty. The black in Anubis' color scheme is replaced by white, giving a much lighter appearance to the Orbital Frame. Aumaan Anubis is in every way more powerful than Anubis and gains the ability to repair itself. Despite these improvements, Aumaan Anubis is once again defeated in Combat by Jehuty and is split from the waste down. When Aumaan explodes all that remains of Anubis is the head, which is later crushed by Jehuty.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

  • The namesake appears as a downloadable orange camouflage pattern known as The Anubis Camo.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable OP

  • The main antagonist, Gene uses an ESP ability called "Zero Shift" which allows him to move fast by teleportation. It is named after the Zero Shift program that allows Anubis to do the same function.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

  • Complete Side Op 50: Capture the Legendary Jackal. Travel to Africa to capture a black-furred jackal. Extracting the rare animal unlocks development of the Wormhole Fulton Upgrade. It also unlocks the code name and logo for the emblem creator.


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