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    Aoi Umenokouji

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    Aoi Umenokouji is an aiki ju-jutsu practitioner in the Virtua Fighter series. She is introduced in Virtua Fighter 3 as a childhood friend of series protagonist Akira Yuki.

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    Aoi's polite and friendly demeanor strongly contrasts with the brutal efficiency with which she snaps her opponent's limbs upon a successful use of her impressive array of reversals. Whilst some other characters have the ability to reverse an opponents punches or kicks at some or all heights of attack, Aoi has the ability to reverse side kicks, sweeps, elbows, knees, two-handed attacks, headbutts, somersaults and back attacks (literally, an opponent attacking with his back).
     In addition to a deflective stance which nullifies most opponents' common close range attacks, Aoi also has some strong throws at her command, as well as the option to feint certain key moves to help her land them. Her excellent defense is of course balanced by her weaker offense; with lower damage on her combos, slightly slower jabs and many highly situational attacks.


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