GB Apex Legends Meetups!

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#1 Edited by Brackstone (963 posts) -

Hey everyone. Post here if you're looking for folks to play with.

Alternately, here's a discord for us

So far it's a bunch of GB community folks that play PS4 Blackout together regularly, but more are welcome.

EDIT: Forgot to add my details. PSN: Truckakhan.

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#2 Posted by cuttablefurball (35 posts) -

I'm always looking for people to play with. PSN: CuttableFurball

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#3 Posted by fatalbanana (1106 posts) -

Just what I was looking for. Matching with randos have been really hit and miss for me (mostly miss) so teaming up with some good duders would be a good way to play this game.

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#4 Posted by phobo (3 posts) -

awesome, i’m in

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#5 Posted by MightyDuck (2049 posts) -

Count me in. I'm on ps4. My PSN is getwhatyagive.

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#6 Posted by mattclementsjr (6 posts) -

Looking forward to seeing y'all in the Discord!

(listed in order of significance)
Origin: mattclementsjr
PS4: mattclementsjr
Xbox: mattclementsjr

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#7 Posted by AgentZigzag (192 posts) -

Hey guys

PS4: Agent7ig7ag


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#8 Posted by Phili151 (329 posts) -

feel free to add me phili151 on ps4, UK time.

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#9 Edited by headandneck (14 posts) -

Add me too if you like

PSN - picturesmusic

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#10 Posted by hnke (190 posts) -

hnkex on PC

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#11 Posted by hans_maulwurf (642 posts) -

WilhelmKlink on origin, cet

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#12 Posted by dsouvannarath (132 posts) -

Ooh im BoneyShaloub on origin. Feel free to add!

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#13 Posted by Oodli (246 posts) -

I'm game. More cool dudes with mics is good with me.

PSN - Skabias4

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#14 Posted by CrimsonNight (19 posts) -

CrimsonNightfall on PC

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#15 Posted by jsake (51 posts) -

mine is jsake51 on ps4!!! Will add some of you duders.

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#16 Posted by doncabesa (524 posts) -

doncabesa on Xbox one, got a few wins already but it's tough going solo.

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#17 Posted by GunstarRed (6053 posts) -

I never post on here, but I'd quite like to play some games with people that would rather heal me before I bleed out than loot a crate right next to me.

UK time (but that doesn't mean anything, who needs sleep!) PSN - seamonsterking

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#18 Posted by pauljeremiah (227 posts) -

PSN: pauljeremiah

Origin: pauljeremiah

Feel free to add me

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#19 Posted by Relenus (224 posts) -

Only playing this on PC. Origin name is also Relenus.

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#20 Posted by RLFiredancer (34 posts) -

Looking to jump into this on PC: i_piru_i

Feel free to add me.

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#21 Edited by Leopold (2 posts) -

First time posting here and playing on PlayStation right now. I usually play with a buddy of mine, but always open to filling our third slot. Feel free to add me!

PSN: Ser_Leopoldo

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#22 Posted by sirdesmond (1477 posts) -

Origin name is "sirdesmond" - I'll check out the discord too!

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#23 Posted by cptjet (5 posts) -

Always looking for more people to play with

PSN: raincoatkiller

Origin: cptjet7878

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#24 Posted by Sharpless (505 posts) -

I'm always looking for people to play with on PS4! I'm not the world's best player, but I'm competent.

PSN: Robosphere

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#26 Posted by sambi (70 posts) -

Looking for European players to squad up with.

Origin: theSambi

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#27 Posted by Finch (113 posts) -

Hey guys,

PS4 duder here looking for some teammates

PSN: ha-ji_87

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#28 Posted by Juvarial (318 posts) -


: D

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#29 Posted by darkwingduck (224 posts) -

LFCpacman - PS4

Look forward to playing with other EU duders!

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#30 Posted by Rumils (8 posts) -

Feel free to add me on PC. Rumils on Origin

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#31 Posted by Warchief (677 posts) -

I'd absolutely love to play this with other duders. On PC 'Taswell-Joysword'

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#32 Posted by iLLMATICxKiNG (24 posts) -

If anyone wants to play, I play on PC. We usually have a full squad, but not all the time!

Origin: JesterYo

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#33 Posted by Dox516 (15 posts) -

I am down for PC. ORIGIN: Dox516

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#34 Posted by interlude (16 posts) -

Thank god for Lifeline or I'd be terrible at this game.

PSN: highfidelitywolf

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#35 Edited by sgtflips (5 posts) -

awkwardspacedog on PC/Origin if anyone is down... Game is rad, but I need to get better, lol.

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#36 Posted by maxB (414 posts) -

Maxburlingame on Xbox! Usually on after 6pm est

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#37 Posted by Vanek (420 posts) -

PSN: Scottish_Bagpuss

I'm another UK player, not using a mic but I need good dudes that dont think its a solo game and screw the team. Even if youre bad at the game hit me up and we can be bad together!

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#38 Posted by Ruiyo (11 posts) -

Add me on PS4. UK based, don't really use a mic much.

Username: ruiyo

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#39 Posted by Lobben85 (7 posts) -


From Sweden and me and my brother need a third player. We are kinda good and mostly main Bloodhound and Mirage.

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#41 Posted by punisherkaos (376 posts) -

Psn thanatos1324. Feel free to add me if anyone wants to squad up. Pretty addicted to this game right now

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#42 Posted by Greigo (32 posts) -

Happy to link up.

PSN ID Greigo

UK Player

Cant promise to be any good....

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#43 Posted by SloppyDetective (1620 posts) -

PSN SloppyDetective. I got one win with randoms and 99% of the rest of my random matches have been bad.

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#44 Posted by oljunebug (45 posts) -

I'm mediocre at best, but could use some friendlies when I'm playing at all hours when I'm waiting on paint to dry.

PSN: ChairDeath

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#45 Posted by Phoenix654 (517 posts) -

I'm on infrequently due to work schedule, but I have Apex Legends on all three systems. Hit me up and maybe I'll be on.

XBL: Phoenix654
PSN: Foenix654
Origin: Phoenix654-J

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#46 Edited by Bardalien (19 posts) -

I'm on ps4 and have been doing pretty good. Main lifeline, Bangalore or Bloodhound.

Psn - Xelariousluxdei

Central time and I just played titanfall 2 so I might be in for that too. Also.. I need to get a new mic mine is broken

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#47 Posted by Humanity (19058 posts) -

I decided to mainly play Xbox - I’m not amazing but at least I will attempt to revive you and won’t keep looting outside of the circle until I die so there is that!

Also I main Gibraltar so I won’t steal your favorite character!

Xbox: supHumanity

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#48 Posted by archer88 (417 posts) -

Xbox: Steelle88

Eastern time zone, but I tend to play late at night, 10pm or later. I'm still giving all of the legends their fair shake, but lean Caustic/Bangalore right now.

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#49 Posted by Ravelle (3339 posts) -

I'm always up for a game.

Origin: xRavelle

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#50 Edited by Kaineda77 (162 posts) -

I play from time to time. I am a nice human being, but a very bad player. European time zone.

Origin: Kabyvo

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