Season 1: Wild Frontier has begun

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So today Respawn launched its first Season/Battle Pass as well as a new character, Octane, for Apex Legends. Looking at the rewards, the battle pass definitely has a "first go at it" feel, but I'm excited for new stuff in the game. Octane's abilities look pretty sweet and I can't wait to see the effect he has on the game.

Respawn was weirdly adamant about the fact that nothing in this battle pass will ever come back to the game after the season ends if you didn't unlock it (think I saw that in a dev comment on the subreddit). Maybe I only say that because I think that's been the single worst thing about this kind of progression system. I very much prefer content being added permanently to games, rather than having an artificial scarcity/time limit applied to them. But as it turns out, players really love timers.

Still, I'll be getting this and working my way through it. This game is so great that Respawn has more than earned it from me. Anyone else jumping in this week?

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I was really looking forward to this battle pass, but the lackluster quality of the battlepass has left me wanting. It seems like this battle pass was rushed out because the fans expected there to be a battle pass and the publisher wanted to capitalize on the popularity. The game has only been out for about a month and it already has a battle pass. That's pretty quick for a game that came out of nowhere.

After seeing the rewards, I would say the only reason I would ever buy the battle pass is if I get level 97 on the free pass. By that point, if I buy the pass, I would be getting enough coins to get season 2 for "free". I'm hoping that season 2 will have better rewards since it does not come out until June or after June.

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#3 Posted by Humanity (18858 posts) -

For a casual player like myself that isn’t racking up double digit kills each game it doesn’t seem all that enticing.

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#4 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2085 posts) -

Think I'll see how many levels I gain before I buy the pass. Have they given a date for the season end??

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@acura_max: the main issue to get to level 97 will be that of you don't get the pass your progression will be slower since a reward are season long exp boosts

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I bought the pass with Apex Coins that came with the Founder's Pack. I wish I hadn't burned 1,000 of those coins on Caustic and packs, Octane looks like my kind of guy (skills wise, character wise he's kind of bland) but I only had enough to buy the pass. That being said, I fell off the game pretty hard after the pack drip slowed down, and the BP has me fully back into the game. There are a lot of XP boosts that will mitigate what looks like an absurd grind up front (25,000 bonus XP per character per week plus 500 bonus XP per first kill per character per day, as well as 2.5% XP increases scattered throughout the rewards) that makes me think the back end of the BP is going to move a lot faster than the front end.

I'm not sure this thing feels "rushed" but it's definitely exposing Respawn's current art direction for this game as less than ambitious. Most of the cosmetics are either repetitive, basic or some combination of both. Only the legendary skins offer what you really want out of cosmetics in a game like this so you just spend a lot of time shrugging at everything you get. That's fine for me; again, I just need the drip of new things and the numbers going up to keep playing, and now I have that. I wish there were other tasks to complete, though. I agree with Jeff and Brad that the general expectation was that might be the case; kills with certain characters/weapons/number of wins and so on. In that sense this does very much feel like a trial run for future passes.

I wonder if there will still be a trickle of new content during this season; three months gives a decent amount of players the time they need to complete the pass, I think, but you do need to play a lot, and some pretty dang cool looking games are coming out soon. If this is all they've got - and the community at large seems pretty let down by it, from content to grind - this game could lose some significant steam by the time the next season comes around.

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#7 Posted by nateandrews (92 posts) -

@acura_max: Interesting that you say that! The subreddit has been in a state of meltdown for the last couple of weeks because the battle pass hadn’t come out sooner. I had to unsubscribe from it because it had gotten so bad.

@frodobaggins: The timer said 91 days left yesterday. So it’s about 3 months.

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I bought it because it's been the best reason yet to give them some money after roughly 100h of play time. I still don't really care about it. The Lifeline skin is ok, and I actually think the stat trackers are the most interesting customization option in the game anyway, so I don't mind that the battle pass leans towards those. But ultimately I'll still keep playing the game because it is/can be so much fun to play, not because of any arbitrary progression.

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@nodima: The art direction is a bit strange and not terribly exciting. I hope it gets better over time. I played a bit of Octane last night and his abilities seem really great. I used his jump pad to get up to an opponent who fired on us from atop a cliff and I smoked them. Later I was able to use the stim boost to recover two squad banners under fire while taking damage from being outside the zone. It was pretty sweet.

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@nateandrews: that seems like a good chunk of time to get alot of stuff earnt.... does the exp needed per level increase for the battle pass and if so at what rate?

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#11 Posted by Acura_Max (772 posts) -

@nateandrews: That's what happens when you announce something and then give people a vague date of when it will arrive. People will get anxious.

@darkvare: I know I will most likely not get to level 97. I really don't care if I get this battle pass or not. But if I do get to level 97, then it's just a nice bonus. I most likely would rather wait until season 2 and see what they have to offer rather than grinding to level 97.

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@frodobaggins: No, it's the same set XP every level, and each character is capable of earning 28,500 bonus XP per week (1,000 less than a single level) through time played and daily first kill bonuses. There are also the 2.5% XP bonuses distributed throughout it, so the pace will pick up the more you play which is a bit different than most games scale things like this. It makes the early levels feel punishing in a way I think the later levels won't.

If you don't no-life this game it's going to take a very long time, obviously, but three months is a pretty long time so it doesn't seem horribly unbalanced. I have seven characters, so if I just get the 199,500 bonus XP I can earn and the regular 175,000 XP from just playing in general to get to each character's 25,000 limit each week, it would take roughly eight weeks to earn the BP and again that doesn't factor in the bonuses down the line. In terms of actual game time, a 20 minute game with no kills or revives is worth roughly 4,000 XP, so to exhaust one character's full bonus XP in a week you would need to play with them for roughly six games (obviously this is more like twenty to thirty games if you keep dropping hot, but for the sake of ease let's say you just crawl around the map each game playing it safe for the time bonus), or two hours per week.

I'm fortunate enough to have had this drop on a day I work during the day and then don't work at all Wednesday through 4PM Thursday and I'm unfortunate enough to be exceptionally single at the moment so I'm nearly level 8 in the BP already and it doesn't feel exceptionally slow, at least not any slower than gaining regular levels...and actually I just got my 12,000th legend token or whatever they're called so I'll have one more character to pump XP into and it'll go even faster.

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@nodima: As much as I loved Titanfall 2 multiplayer, the cosmetics in that game were equally bad. That was the one thing that always bummed me out since I had "prestiged" several times but the gun skins were always terrible, like stock patterns that come with graphic programs which you never use. Bubbles, brick, crosshatch etc. Apex has equally terrible skins and even the highest rarity stuff is marginally better. Quite frankly Octane looks awful to me - like a Quake 1 character model or something. When I saw the leaked images a week back I thought that must be some early concept art because there is no way this Borderlands-reject looking thing is going to be part of the game, and yet..

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The battle pass is super disappointing but man Octane is so fun to play. He amps up the funnest part of the game which is the movement. Juicing yourself up and then hauling ass into a slide right into your launch pad is the real shit. Glad I didn't spend my earn able income on Caustic and waited for this boy. I don't really like his look though, but the epic moto-cross outfits are good.

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#15 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2085 posts) -

Let's just say that the skins in here ain't nowhere near overwatch levels. But the game is still very new and has much time to grow.

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@sloppydetective: I love that his Stim boost doesn't have much of a cooldown, so you can kinda keep popping it so long as you're willing to lose a bit of health. It's rad.

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#17 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2085 posts) -

Octane is great fun to use but there is still only one true king of mobility - Pathfinder

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