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During my play of Apex, the past two weeks i found that some players still don't know some of the stuff that would make them get a better use of the game mechanics.

So let's all drop our tips here. Because i feel like i'm one of the players i mentioned above 😅

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Here is my tip: when playing as Lifeline make sure to consume ultimate accelerators whenever it's safe to do so to get a guaranteed epic drop from the ultimate and help make your team spec'd.

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Stick close to the team! Even when playing with randoms, if one of the teammates splits off when jumping I will always change course to where he's going just so I can keep the team together.

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Mute randos.

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Drop Airbase if you’re on that side, Relay if you’re on the other. Airbase usually has some action but the loot is generally great. Relay is like a hidden gem. I almost never see anyone go there which is crazy because my squad always leaves it fully equipped and ready to go.

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Holding down the view button (the one on the left) will bring up a text box and stuff you type in there will get read out in a text-to-speech way in the game for your squad.

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I hate topics like this, because they make me want to write an entire novel, haha. I don't have time for that today, so I'll just leave you with this one tip for playing Lifeline. Drop your Supply Drop at the edge of the zone outside the ring. It's much harder for other teams to see it coming down, and keeps you from being instantly attacked by other players who would now know exactly where your team is. You will often not even take damage picking up the items off of it, and can then make your next push to the next ring. I've been doing this since Day 1 and I've only had my Supply Drop attacked once, and by a team that was running from the outside zone and had been out there for over a minute (so there was no way around them getting behind us, just bad luck).

Also, side tip. Arc Star's, Arc Star's, Arc Star's. They lead to some amazing stuff like this.

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Aiming down sight with the Mozambique and Mastiff tightens the spread, aiming down sight with the Eva-8 or Peacekeeper (no choke) either insignificantly increases the spread or does nothing.

With the choke on the peacekeeper, you can come out of ADS and the charge will degrade back through the various levels. If you just tap aim every second or so, you can maintain a full charge with hipfire. This does not work with the triple take.

Once someone picks up a teammates banner, anyone can turn it in.

You can get up on top of almost anything if you try hard enough, pathfinder is rarely necessary, just easier and faster.

The vertical sliding doors at market, repulsor and artillery can be used to climb up on the roof, as long as they are closed. Similarly, any standard door can be used to climbed up if you approach it from it's end while opened outwards. That'll get you on top of water treatment and runoff easily.

None of the walls or buildings around repulsor are out of bounds, the main tower at Airbase and the very top of the cliff are the only parts out of bounds. If you have a pathfinder or a nearby balloon and the circle is ending out there, get up high. You can even make the climb in certain parts of airbase as any character. The only way to kick you off is a Gibraltar ult or an enemy getting up high as well, you can easily tank a Bangalore ult if you have to.

Nothing in Skulltown is out of bounds, you can get up on top of every part of the cliffs and every part of the skull just by climbing. People always camp the spine, but there are like 7 different ways to get up there. The skull has only one way up without a pathfinder.

Similarly, the thunderdome box can be climbed right to the top by anyone, and there's only one way up. Stay up there instead of inside.

Almost every building in the game has holes in the roof that people never expect to get shot or grenaded through. Get up high.

If someone opens/closes a door or supply crate while you are on top of it, you die instantly and a teammate has to retrieve your banner.

The big horizontal sliding doors at bunker can be blocked if you place a gas trap right next to them, basically clipping through them. Sometimes an enemy can clip through the door and shoot it, sometimes they can't.

If you see a supply drop coming in, check your map. If there aren't any blue circles marking it out, it's a lifeline drop and you now know where an enemy team is.

The mil dots on sniper scopes adjust based on the distance to your target, and all applicable scopes have a rangefinder built in. However, they are increasingly wrong the further from 80 your FOV is. Makes sniping easier if you play around 80 fov.

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Just found this out yesterday, but you can disable Caustic's traps without triggering them by shooting the red bottom part of the trap. Useful for any play, including Caustic players, such as myself.

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Mirage can use his decoy to set off Caustic traps which will also reveal the location of the Caustic

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Although your insects might tell you to fire when you see an enemy it's always good to see if your teammates are onboard with it. Because they might be seeing another enemy or opportunity.

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You can ping almost anything in your pause menu to request it, like ammo, body armor, or attachment slots.

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Play pathfinder. Win games.

Oh wait no don't do that, I don't want more people realising how OP he is.

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Don't loot before picking up downed team mates, otherwise you look like an asshole

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