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    Apex Legends

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 04, 2019

    A free-to-play battle royale spin-off of the Titanfall series, trading the series' trademark mechs for last-squad-standing action starring a variety of unique "Legends".

    guip1408's Apex Legends (PC) review

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    An Amazing Battle Royale Experience

    When PUBG first came out, I loved it. Played it for 100+ hours, but didn't think it was game of the year material. Then I pretty much hated every other BR game that came out after that, I hate the building in Fortnite and I thought it was way too hard to kill in Blops 4 (and FPS is the genre I played the most in my life). The reason I didn't stuck to PUBG for another year, was that I don't like the 3rd person camera, makes it possible for people to see you without you see them, and the FPS servers are not as popular, at least here. Then Apex Legends came along, it takes away the frustating part of some matches of PUBG that are 20 minutes of looting, while getting an unfair circle. For a concept of 20 minutes for a whole match, at most, and making the mobility so great that you can work around the death circle much better, as well as increasing the ceiling of skill to the game. The sliding mechanic opens up the opportunity to so much escapes and out plays, it's so cool, the game is a house of highlights to be made and posted on social media.

    The reason I didn't give the game five stars, is the loot box system. I know the game is free and all the micro transactions are just cosmetics, but I already played about 105 hours of the game and only unlocked 1 skin per legend, basically. The game should give a few incentives, making it easier for you to earn loot boxes, like making daily quests. There's also a couple of weapons that are way too useless, in a game that has loot everywhere, it's kind of weird to never see someone using them.

    I love the legends, how each one of them has a different personality and can be useful in a special circumstance during the match. Some might be better on a open field while others trive in the middle of houses. The map and the number of players came out perfectly, in my opinion. It's a great middle ground for people to see how it feels and what they like or don't like. The squads of three fits with the legends working together, I feel like 4 would be too many. They can now go from here and decide if it's worth to go bigger and/or smaller on map size and player per match, trying to keep the game as fresh as they can. That's the word that describes Apex Legends the best, fresh. It's just a refreshing First Person Shooter. What an experience.

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