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    In Ancient Greek mythology, she is the goddess of sexuality, love, and beauty.

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    Aphrodite is the goddess of sexuality, love, and beauty of the ancient Greek mythological pantheon. According to legend, she was born from the foam of the sea near the coast of Cyprus after Cronus castrated his father Uranus and threw his testacles into the ocean. Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus at Zeus' behest, but she wasn't happy with her marriage and committed adultery with the likes of Adonis and Ares. In legend, she is also responsible for the Trojan War; she tempted Paris by offering him Helen of Troy, which led to Paris abducting her.

    In Video Games

    God of War

    In the God of War series, Aphrodite appears in God of War and God of War III. In the first game, she presents Kratos with the task of slaying Medusa. In God of War III, she tempts Kratos into sleeping with her in exchange for information, leading into a sex minigame.


    In Smite, Aphrodite is a playable character with powers primarily based around themes of love, romance, and seduction. She plays a support role with the ability to choose a single "soulmate" on the battlefield and work in tandem with them.

    Warriors: Legends of Troy

    In Warriors: Legends of Troy, Aphrodite's involvement in the story is based on the legends of her involvement in the Trojan War. In the game, Paris is visited by Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena, and is asked which of the three is the most beautiful. Paris responds that Aphrodite is the most beautiful of the trio, and in return, the goddess of love helps Paris steal Helen away from her husband Menelaus; an act that incites war between the Greeks and Trojans.


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