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    APICO is a casual simulation game about breeding and collecting bees set in an open-world sandbox. It uniquely combines farm building, resource gathering and production, and beekeeping minigames.


    APICO is being created by two brothers, Elliott and Jamie, who have wanted to create games all their life but never found the time. With the shutting down of business due to COVID, both brothers found themselves in a position to be able to finally dedicated time to finally creating their own game.

    The game is inspired by classic Minecraft Mods, Terraria, and real-life beekeeping, and incorporates common aspects of resource management & crafting games, with the unique addition of being able to utilise multiple menus simultaneously, as well as adding more interactive crafting mechanics.

    Development & Release

    Development of the game started back in June 2020, with the first playable demo being released on 31st August 2020

    Development is still in progress, with a slated release on Steam for mid-year 2021.


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