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Phoenix Wright's spin off series is just as good

Apollo Justice is a spin off of the Phoenix Wright series.  Apollo Justice is a new character and the game is built with the DS in mind (unlike the previous games which were originally built for the GBA).  It takes the phoenix wright gameplay and gives new gameplay to it giving it a breath of fresh air yet still retaining to the core gameplay.  And like other games in the series the story is very engrossing.
Apollo Justice is a new lawyer who works under Phoenix's friend Kristoph Gavin and has to defend Phoenix Wright who is in a little bit of trouble.  I don't want to give out the story too much but i will say that the story is very good.  I found it to be better than all the other Phoenix games but i liked the Phoenix Wright character more than the Apollo Justice character, but Apollo Justice is a good enough character.  Most people play the Phoenix Wright games for the story and while the story may start of slow, it really picks up in the last trial (which is able to connect with every other trial you play).
The gameplay is like every other Phoenix wright games and people who have played the other games will know what to expect.  Essentially all you do is listen to people's testimonies and find faults in them through the cross-examination usually through evidence you have found in your investagations.  The one difference between the two games is there is no Magatama to unlock people's secrets.  Instead Apollo can sense when people are tense through his bracelet and the player must find when the witness is tense when stating his testimony.  I found this to be more interesting and engaging than the Magatama since it required to player to do something different and more involved as opposed to the Magatama in which you were essentially crosss examining the witness.  The investigation is much like the other games except there are more scientific stuff such as spraying chemicals and looking fingerprints and other stuff.  This makes the investigations more interesting and makes good use of the DS.
The graphics are more polished since this game was built for the DS.  Most eveidence are now in 3d and the characters and backgrounds look very sharp.  Apollo still has its anime look and the characters have a lot of charm and character in them.   The audio is good too the objectiosn sound much like the previous games although with different pitch and the music is good, although i prefer the phoenix wright music over the apollo justice music.  
Overall Apollo Justice is a great addition to the series.  If you have never played the Phoenix Wright series, this game may not be interesting.  If you enjoy adventure games and want an anime type adventure game with CSI/Law and Order type detective work this game is for you.  If you are a fan of the series this is a must buy.      


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