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I have played a bit of this so far, and I'm really enjoying it. I like the concept of having to climb Olympus, the combat is frantic and fun, and the art style is incredible. Really surprised by the game so far, and I can't wait to play more.

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I really dig the art style of this game, but I'll probably wait on the quick look to see it in action before making my purchasing decision.

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@entreri10: Have a PS4? It's free on PSN this month.

I figure I'll give it a shot tonight when I get home. I love Greek mythology and the art style looks cool. Plus like I said above, free!

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Is there any puzzles in this, or mostly just hack n slash?

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I really like it, I thought it would be just an other platformer with really nice art style, but it very fun to play.

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#6 Posted by brandondryrock (890 posts) -

@ralvinski: There are some basic puzzles towards the beginning. I'm only about an hour in, so I haven't run into anything to substantial. But there is more substance to it then just killing people.

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#7 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5989 posts) -

Ahhh really want to get home and try this out.

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I'd be playing this right now, except that the PS + February update hasn't gone up on the store yet. Still greeted by Fetch's stupid face once I hit that page.

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@nophilip said:

I'd be playing this right now, except that the PS + February update hasn't gone up on the store yet. Still greeted by Fetch's stupid face once I hit that page.

Yes, I will always remember January 2015 as the month of Fetch's face.

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#10 Posted by csl316 (14959 posts) -

Is it Outland 2?

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Meh so far I think it plays kinda crappy. Both the combat and platform are very clunky and the interface is straight up bad. It's not outright unfun to play, but it's not grabbing me too much right now.

I did move into Hades and have started fighting some more interesting enemies so maybe that will help.

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#12 Posted by Nodima (2599 posts) -

@htr10 said:

@nophilip said:

I'd be playing this right now, except that the PS + February update hasn't gone up on the store yet. Still greeted by Fetch's stupid face once I hit that page.

Yes, I will always remember January 2015 as the month of Fetch's face.

Might want to take a closer look at the page, I think they're extending the January games a little longer than usual but Apothem and Transistor are both listed on the left-hand column where the Powers advertisement is and are free.

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#13 Posted by nophilip (684 posts) -

@nodima: The store's updated now. It wasn't 3 hours ago.

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Is it Metroidvania style or is it fairly linear?

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#15 Posted by brandondryrock (890 posts) -
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I trained myself with Capsized for the past 2 days. Im ready for this game now!

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I really hate the gameplay and I'm indifferent to the art style. I wish I liked it more.

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@nophilip said:

@nodima: The store's updated now. It wasn't 3 hours ago.

You can usually find the new games before that PS+ page actually updates by searching for them. That seems to be the case every time, or the majority of the time, at least. I'm not sure how soon before the store gets fully updated that they pop up in the search, but I've done it that way a lot.

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#19 Posted by Igniz12 (147 posts) -

Just finished the first area, game seems legit. Played with a mkb cause Capsized was useless with a controller, will try with controller later but since this game has range combat as well I dont think I will be sticking with it. Really liking this game but I can see why some people might have got the wrong idea about this game. The combat takes come getting used to and may seem unfamiliar to alot of folks.

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#20 Posted by csl316 (14959 posts) -

Some surprisingly fantastic reviews. Title screen music is awesome, looking forward to trying this tomorrow.

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#21 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5989 posts) -

Hmmm not bad so far, but a little underwhelming. Combat has interesting ideas (directional swipes) but it's a bit of a loose feeling game and the interface is a little frustrating so far. Art is cool but on the edge of being difficult to understand. As in easy foreground/background and enemy/ally confusion. Only an hour in though! Will report back further in.

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#22 Posted by Quid_Pro_Bono (1130 posts) -

I just put it down after 15 minutes because I am not in the mood to wrestle with the controls. Really hate the gameplay so far though. No idea why they'd purposefully make such a loose combat system. I feel like I'm on ice when I'm fighting. I'll have to play more later when I have time to sit with it. Gorgeous art style though. Really nice.

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Played the tutorial. Seems fine. I might be in the minority but I kind of like the way the combat works.

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I'm really enjoying it. Was planning on playing for just a bit and ended up going for hours. Combat took a bit to get used to, but has grown on me. Art style is pretty awesome too.

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#25 Posted by Seikenfreak (1522 posts) -

I'm kinda digging it so far. Only completed the tutorial area I guess and am walking around in what seems to be the hub. Game seems pretty gigantic!

While playing it I figured people would complain about the looseness of the combat and movement. But so far it's working for me. On the surface you might just glance at it and assume the combat is like a one button deal but it can get more free form if you want it to. Swinging, stabbing, blocking, dodging, shield bashing, weapon throws and even fire bombs and maybe magic at some point? Can make for some action packed fights. The detail in the combat makes me think of something like a Souls game but in 2D and not like.. a Rogue Legacy or something where its traditional old-school simple Attack button.

Basic small complaints I'll air so far are that there isn't enough color. Take that with a grain of salt though because I've seen two or three areas essentially. But just about everything, including hud elements, are in the orange/yellow/black color scheme. The inventory screen is real basic looking as well. The movement being loose hasn't been a problem but just looks a little off with some of the animations. Like jumping and climbing a ledge or dropping through floors etc.

Pretty cool so far. When I got to the hub area and then assumed the 8-9 areas were going to be roughly the size of the tutorial section, that seemed reasonable. But when I went into one of the areas, it was filled with all sorts of smaller, mostly locked, areas and I guess quests to do. This game looks like it could be pretty big. That's when I got excited.

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#26 Posted by johnnymcginley (520 posts) -

PS+ is great this month. This, Transistor and Rogue Legacy!

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#27 Posted by Colony024 (189 posts) -

This fence is hurting my ass; please help me get off it. The art style looks great, and I tend to like metroidvania-type games, but so many people mentioning 'loose' controls/combat has me hesitating.

Do you guys mean 'loose' as in 'precision is not the most important thing, making it rather forgiving', or more like 'it's unresponsive, inaccurate and it doesn't do what you expect it to'?

What other game would be the closest comparison?

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#28 Posted by Deathpooky (1844 posts) -

I love the art style, but also having trouble getting into the combat and platforming. At least in the early going I spent a lot of time with guys running into each other, too close for weapons to connect, and then moving around swinging wildly until they die. The tutorial boss fight it started to click in terms of dodging and timing swings, but it still didn't feel that great. And the only section with minor required platforming felt fairly annoying to pull off, like a bad SNES platformer where the controls aren't responsive and you end up skating off the platform or failing to climb up when you want.

But I've heard it comes together and the overall game is good, so I'm going to give it another shot past the tutorial tonight.

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#29 Posted by TheGanjaKing (84 posts) -

Spent about two hours playing it last night. Got to the Forest of Artemis and cleared out the first 3 quests there, and it took me about that long to really get comfortable with the combat, but I'm loving it so far. The movement is a bit "floaty" but nothing like Little Big Planet. It's still quite responsive, you just have more control in air and a slower descent than might feel natural (also, it took a bit of getting used to being able to run up nearly any surface that isn't exactly vertical.) I've ended up focusing on ranged attacks and rolling, but that's basically because I haven't quite gotten the pacing down for melee. Certainly not a game to just run in and try to stab the dude a bunch of times as you'll take quite a beating. Take time, prepare for the engagement.

Long story short, there's certainly a learning curve, but as your muscle memory starts to build itself around the controls it begins to feel really natural and engaging.

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#30 Posted by Morningstar (2465 posts) -

I don't know that I can play this anymore, the combat feels really bad and it's just frustrating to play. Played through the forest of Artemis and the enemies are just jumping around all over the place and are very difficult to hit.

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#31 Edited by NeoCalypso (750 posts) -

@colony024: It's only forgiving because of the fact that it seems just as hard for the enemies to hit you as it is for you to hit them. Enemies will constantly run past you winding up their attack animations only to unleash them immediately behind you. Which is the exact same thing you'll do yourself. Not only to you have to properly time your attacks but in a lot of cases properly aim them as well.

It makes combat fairly annoying and also makes assassin weapons(which do 800% extra damage from behind) absurdly good because you barely have to do anything to get off back attacks. Side note, the Forest of Artemis has far and away one of the worst and most annoying boss fights I've ever experienced.

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#32 Edited by Colony024 (189 posts) -

@neocalypso: Thanks.

Sounds like I can safely put this on the 'possibly during a Steam sale for a 75% discount' pile. Shame really, it looked promising, and I genuinely liked Capsized.

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#33 Edited by Seikenfreak (1522 posts) -

@colony024 said:

'loose' as in 'precision is not the most important thing, making it rather forgiving'

That's what I'd say.

Just finished one quest I think? The Artemis Bow one. Man this game seems bigger and bigger the more I play it. Took about two hours I think to explore the whole Forest of Artemis main area and sub-areas, loot, do the two mini bosses and finally the main boss. There are still 3 more quests in the Agora? And that is just one of 8 or so areas? Feels like a 2D RPG lol

So to reevaluate my earlier post: The color thing isn't really an issue as the different areas seem to have different colors. And the combat still feels pretty cool to me. It is a little weird the way enemies seem to want to strike and then pass through you. Perhaps this is to prevent something like Soul's shield tactics where you just turtle through everything. So you have to be rather mobile in combat. You want to aim for the head of the target to get some good strikes in. Similar to weapons in Souls, you want to strike enemies with the actual blade or point of a weapon. So if you've got some kind of an axe or mace and you are too close where the shaft of the weapon is hitting the target instead of the head of the weapon, it won't do anything. So you need to adjust for that using various weapons. Weapons also have different striking styles which is important. Thrusts, slashes, stabs, downward strikes etc. I find myself preferring the medium-long ranged stabbing spear type weapons just like in the Souls games. It's relatively easy to hit something coming at you with it and has a decently quick strike. Aim slightly upwards to bypass shields and murder faces. They also work decently when thrown. Speaking of thrown, use the boulders that are laying around, at least in the Forest area. Those things are OP.

I've also just come across stuff like traps and sentries you can make or companion wolves and birds you can summon. Haven't even tried any of this stuff yet.

Enjoying the game a bunch. The combat is flexible and complex enough that it feels rewarding when I one-shot some bastard in the head and blood spurts out.

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#34 Posted by riostarwind (1355 posts) -

Other than the awesome art style I've noticed that this game has a ton of variety so it's doubtful the combat will ever get old. Since most areas have a different challenge to complete that is more than just fight stuff.

Like one mission in the forest is actually a stealth mission or in one of the underworld missions it turns into a platformer for a few minutes. Plus I like how each boss gave me a reason to switch up my tactics. Didn't really see anything wrong with the combat but I guess it does take some time to get used to it.

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#36 Posted by Getz (3764 posts) -

Artemis boss fight takes way too long, but otherwise good challenge and cool weapons

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#37 Posted by LawGamer (1481 posts) -

Played a couple of hours of this. Really not feeling it. The movement feels bad. It's really sluggish until your character builds up momentum, at which point it feels too fast to be precise. The fact that stairs also kill your forward speed means it's virtually impossible to go anywhere quickly.

Combat is also pretty terrible. I think they were going for this 2D Dark Souls kind of thing, but it doesn't work. At all. Rather than being strategic, you just sort of flail your weapon about and hope you hit something. I constantly feel like I'm fighting the auto-aim. This isn't helped by the obtuse weapon switching controls either, which tie your fingers into knots trying to switch between melee vs. ranged vs. grenades.

Altogether, it's just unfortunate. I can appreciate that the devs wanted to try something cool with the art style, but the game around it is just sort of terrible. Feels like if they'd let it cook for another 6 months or so it could have been awesome, but as it is, I don't seem myself playing it.

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I think the thing I've decided is that there is way, way too many weapons in this game, at least for the way they currently operate. You really can't navigate between all your weapons reasonably in the middle of a fight, and so I find I just stick with the spears since trying to switch to grenades or potions just isn't worth the effort.

I think it would have been better without the weapon degradation system, and any new weapons you find essentially serve as permanent upgrades , sort of like how the armour works. Also, at least on the normal difficulty, you get so many of the higher tier weapons that you never even need the basic versions, and you already pretty much 1 shot everything. Seriously, why do knives even exist? They're useless and just take up space, and a lot of other weapons aren't much better. It's nice that they modeled all these weapons, but giving all of them to you at once really just makes things a mess.

Also, I'm playing on the PS4, and I get a ton of crashes, probably about 5 an hour, often at the loads between levels. Overall I really like the game, but it just seems like it needed a few more months to polish it up and trim the fat.

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#39 Posted by Busto1299 (251 posts) -

Love the art style and I kind of like being able to control your swings but in my opinion there are more than enough weapons than needed. Overall it is a sweet and short game. (I enjoyed most of the boss fights as well)

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#40 Edited by Seikenfreak (1522 posts) -

Think I'm at the end of the game now. Was slowly progressing on it when I was in the mood.

I still think the game holds up to my earlier thoughts. Each god and their respective area does mix things up. Athena's section was pretty good.

I did run into my first bug today. I think I was at some sort of inventory item limit (I was picking up everything I could through the whole game) so I had hundreds of items on hand if you consider each ranged shot its own item, which the game seems to do. So when I'd grab an item, the game would crash. After doing a little bug diagnosing over a couple crashes, I figured out that getting rid of some items solved the issue. So I chucked some old weapons, took the basic slingshot thing and dumped 75 of it's ammunition, etc. Problem solved.

Other than that, I've had no problems with the game on PS4.

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