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Let's Gear Up For Another Fun Weekend of Extra Life!

Friends and Discordians, let's come together and STREAM!

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Wow, I was NOT ready to try and go for 24 hours last weekend! Luckily I'm out of town, but there is another amazing weekend of Extra Life #content coming at you starting tomorrow! As always, my deepest thanks to everyone who has joined our team and streamed to raise money For The Kids. I'm going to try and do another stream sometime in the next month to get some money sent to people who didn't raise so much, but if you're interested in joining the team, feel free to sign up here!

The ENTIRE WEEKEND will see various luminaries from our Discord server streaming to! That's right; no need to track down a bunch of different Twitch names; it'll all be in one place at the same time, so tune in throughout the weekend; this stream should be in for most of the weekend unless there's any overlaps with the below! Here's a schedule of these Discordian streamers!

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And alongside our many community streamers, these streams will also be live in the chatroom!

Starting Friday at 5 PM Pacific / 8 AM Eastern, the one, the only Danny O'Dwyer and the Noclip team will be getting up to no good on their twitch channel, but also in! They'll be live for around 12 hours until the wee hours of Saturday!

Starting up at 8 AM Pacific / 11 AM Eastern on Saturday, Jess and her crew will be live for a little GEXtraLife! They'll be rocking until around 8 PM Pacific!

Starting up at 9 AM Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern will be Will Crosby from GameSpot (you will recall him from the Bombathon) alongside the SubPixel Team! They'll be going for around 24 hours!

OK I'm ending this article now!