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    Environment as Weapons

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    The ability for players to manipulate objects in the environment and use them as weapons. An example of this gameplay mechanic is Half-Life 2, in which players make use of a Gravity Gun to launch objects with deadly force.

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    Sometimes games have random objects laying in the levels, and most surprisingly can be used for certain uses, sometimes they can serve as improvised weapons, however this concept has a lot to do with level design since a random wood plate can be used as a projectile, explosive barrels can be thrown and blown up, piece of the decoration like ceiling parts can be used by just shooting on the elements that supports the ceiling part and even some elements like a cupboard door can be removed and used to bash enemies.

    The goal of this concept is thinking and using the interactive level elements against the enemies, this allow often to save ammo, life and have some fun. In fact instead of shooting the enemies for example we can try to break a cord by shooting on it; that will release something heavy that could kill some cowardly enemies behind a cover just because the said cord retained those.

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