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    Mr. Turner

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Mr. Turner is also known as Timmy's Dad, just referred as Dad.

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    Mr Turner is the father of Timmy Turner or just known as Dad, He is married to his wife Timmy's Mom or just Mom.

    He is very dim-witted, neglectful and a bumbling dad often getting into crazy shenanigans and has a hatred relationship with his next door neighbour and arch-nemesis Sheldon Dinkleberg who is more successful then him due to his catchphrase DINKLEBERG!.

    He and his wife have time together while being neglectful with Timmy by leaving him with an evil babysitter Vicky.

    He works as an executive at The Pencil Nexus company, his boss is Ed Leadly and he's quite a good provider and cares for his family, generally he loves his wife Mrs. Turner and has the right to discipline and care for his son Timmy Turner.


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