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    Scorpion is a wraith from the Netherrealm who is consumed with a desire for revenge.

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    Scorpion MK3 Concept Art by John Tobias
    Scorpion MK3 Concept Art by John Tobias

    Scorpion was originally known as Hanzo Hasashi, the greatest warrior in the Shirai Ryu ninja clan, though he was already called Scorpion by his clansmen out of respect for his assassination skills. He became a ninja to provide a better life for his wife and son against the wishes of his father, himself already a member of the Shirai. His clan's most hated rivals were the Lin Kuei clan. Scorpion and his mortal enemy Sub-Zero were both hired by Quan Chi to retrieve a scroll from the Himalayas, but the two ninjas crossed paths, leading them to fight in the mountains. Sub-Zero emerged the winner, decapitating Scorpion with his ice blade in the process. This scenario played out in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero in which Scorpion played a boss. Scorpion soon found himself in the Netherrealm, where he again fought and lost to Sub-Zero later in the same game, presented with a choice: an eternity in hell, or a return to Earth as a spectre with no memories of his past. Scorpion chose revenge, and returned to Earth only to find that Sub-Zero had wiped out the Shirai Ryu clan entirely, including his wife and child.

    He enrolled in the first Mortal Kombat tournament as an undead warrior to seek out and kill Sub-Zero at long last. He succeeded in this, but lost the overall tournament. His victory was short-lived when he heard that Sub-Zero had entered the second Mortal Kombat tournament and Scorpion followed suit. The wraith tracked down his nemesis but, after seeing him spare the life of an opponent, realized he couldn't be the man who killed him. It was revealed to him that this was actually Sub-Zero's younger brother, taking on his dead brother's identity to restore honor to the title of Sub-Zero in murdering so many unjustly as well as failing to kill Shang Tsung, the first tournament's host. Scorpion unexpectedly vowed to protect the new Sub-Zero, after recognizing a kinship as he had also abandoned the evil ways of his past.

    Scorpion in Deadly Alliance
    Scorpion in Deadly Alliance

    In Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Netherrealm was invaded by Shao Kahn, who attacked Earth and recruited Scorpion into his army. The alliance, which COULD be described as deadly, was quickly dissolved when Scorpion learned of young Sub-Zero being on the side of Earth Realm. Scorpion immediately joined Earth's warriors to defeat Shao Kahn's forces but this alliance, too, was short-lived as in Mortal Kombat 4, Scorpion was tricked into believing that Sub-Zero HAD killed his family by evil sorcerer Quan Chi. Scorpion confronted and defeated Sub-Zero, who denied involvement in his family's death. Quan Chi revealed himself the true killer and cast a spell to return Scorpion to the Netherrealm. Scorpion hurled himself at Quan Chi before the spell fully took affect and transported Quan Chi to the hellish dimension with him.

    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance found Quan Chi rescued from Netherrealm by the demons Moloch and Drahmin, who then attacked Scorpion. Scorpion tracked Quan Chi while evading the two demons. He was unable to find the sorcerer, but was found by the Elder Gods who enlisted him to defeat Onaga before he could destroy the realms. Scorpion failed, taking the storyline to the events of Mortal Kombat: Deception, in which the realms were unmade. In Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Scorpion entreated the Elder Gods to resurrect his clan, including his family, in exchange for serving them as an agent. Before they reunited, however, Quan Chi appeared again and dragged Scorpion's son to Netherrealm. The newly crowned leader of the revived Shirai clan vowed to not rest until he finds, and kills, Quan Chi.

    Mortal Kombat 2011, as a reboot of the original story, letting Scorpion appear as an undead warrior who breathes fires just like the first game. He attends the first Mortal Kombat tournament representing Netherrealm and seeks Sub-zero's death. However, he was cured by Raiden and restored as human several years before the story of Mortal Kombat X. It was revealed that after his rebirth, he was announced by the younger Sub-zero Kuai Liang that his family was actually murdered by his former master Quan Chi. In Mortal Kombat X, Scorpion finds Quan Chi and cuts his head, fulfilling his revenge.

    In Mortal Kombat 11, Scorpion together with Sub-zero defends the earth from the titan Kronika and her army, and he meets his younger self sent by Kronika from the back of the time when he was still an undead spectre. Scorpion was murdered by D’Vorah, and his sacrifice moved his younger self to join the defenders of Earthrealm.


    Scorpion rarely has a grudge against any of the "boss" characters of Mortal Kombat, and as such many of his endings are actually canonical as they don't require him to win the entire tournament.

    Mortal Kombat

    Scorpion avenges the murder of his family by killing Sub-Zero, but the victory is bittersweet for even as champion of Mortal Kombat, he can never again see them in this life.

    Mortal Kombat II

    Scorpion realizes the man he tracked to the second Mortal Kombat tournament, Sub-Zero, isn't his murderer. After winning the tournament, he vows to become the guardian of this new Sub-Zero to atone for his sins and to prepare for the inevitable third Mortal Kombat.

    Mortal Kombat 3

    Scorpion in Armageddon
    Scorpion in Armageddon

    Scorpion turns on Shao Kahn after learning of Sub-Zero's presence in the Earth's guardians. He kills Shao Kahn and returns Earth to normal, but he is once again damned to return to Netherrealm to wait to rise again.

    Mortal Kombat 4

    Scorpion stands ready to kill Sub-Zero again for the death of his family, but Sub-Zero denies the crime. Quan Chi reveals himself as the killer and casts a spell to send Scorpion back to the Netherrealm. Scorpion hurls himself forward, tackling Quan Chi and transporting him back to hell as well.

    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

    Scorpion tracks Quan Chi to Shang Tsung's palace where he's confronted by Moloch and Drahmin. It seems Shang Tsung had aligned himself with the two demons in secret and kept them as a secondary defense against Quan Chi. The two demons overpower Scorpion, but are unable to consume him. Instead, they bring him to the portal to the Heavens and cast him into the Soulnado, having the souls there tear Scorpion's spectral body to shreds. Congratulations!

    Mortal Kombat: Deception

    Scorpion, the chosen warrior of the gods (not Shujinko, who was deceived into believing that it was him), tracks Onaga the Dragon King to the Nexus and uses his newfound Elder God-infused powers to kill Onaga once and for all.

    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

    Scorpion's defeat of Blaze resurrects his massive Shirai Ryu clan and they kneel, ready to their master's bidding. Among them are Scorpion's wife and son, but the reunion is cut when Quan Chi appears and abducts Scorpion's son through a portal to Netherrealm. Scorpion commands his new army to go after them, vowing to not rest until Quan Chi is dead and his son is safe.

    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

    After the battle against Dark Kahn, his consciousness survived and made it into Scorpion's body. With this, he can become a more powerful being, if he survives the transformation.

    Mortal Kombat (2011)

    Scorpion defeats Shao Kahn, but finds no rest for the torment brought by the slaughter of his clan. He returns to the destroyed village of the Shirai Ryu, and there he is greeted with apparitions of his fallen comrades. They reveal to him the orchestrator of the attack that wiped them out, Quan Chi, and with their help, Scorpion returns to the Netherrealm and carries out his revenge.

    Mortal Kombat X

    Remorse for the release of Shinnok weighs on Scorpion. When Hanzo Hasashi prepares to kill himself to make amends for his crime, Raiden instead sentences the ninja spectre to life. With the Jinsei imbued into Scorpion, he and his Shirai Ryu will defend Earthrealm for all eternity.

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Even after promising to let go of the past, Scorpion seeks to use the Hourglass to save his murdered family. However no matter how many times, the outcome ends with Quan Chi massacring the Shirai Ryu and his family every timeline. Eventually, he learns that there are more Titans than just Kronika manipulating the events of the realms and vows to get back at them.


    • Scorpion's trademark phrases: "Get Over Here!" and "Come Here!" have always been voiced by Ed Boon, even in the live-action movies. This makes Ed Boon the world record holder for a single actor playing a videogame character the longest, as the original Mortal Kombat came out twenty years ago. The actor who has actually acted as the same character for the longest amount of time is Joe Kucan, who has played Kane in the Command & Conquer games for sixteen years.
    • Ed Boon has stated multiple times that Scorpion is his favourite character.

    Other Appearances

    • Scorpion made an appearance in an episode of Drawn Together a show on Comedy Central.

    Special Moves

    Scorpion spears Liu Kang in the original Mortal Kombat
    Scorpion spears Liu Kang in the original Mortal Kombat
    • Spear Throw: Hurls a spear from his arm and pulls the opponent toward him and stuns them for a very short period of time, setting them up for a free hit. In the 2013 fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, this move is known as the Bloody Spear.
    • Teleport Attack: Teleports through fire and behind his opponent and then he attacks with a punch or a kick, it can also be performed in the air.
    • Fire Breathe: Scorpion removes his mask, then proceeds to breathe fire onto his opponents.
    • Hellfire: Summons fire from Hell beneath his opponents feet or all over himself.
    • Takedown: Scorpion dives as his opponent's leg, grabbing them between his, and forces them onto the ground.
    • X-Ray - Scorpion's Sting: Scorpion punches his opponent straight in the face, causing them to fall on their back. He then walks over and stomps on their chest.


    • Toasty!: Scorpion removes his mask and breathes fire on his opponents until they explode or burn to ash.
    • Spear Slice: This move is presented as either Scorpion slicing the opponent at the waist and then the upper body drops away, or as a slice to the waist splitting the opponent in half and then ripping the upper half of the torso off.
    • Spear Decapitation: Scorpion hurls his spear into his opponents head and pulls the rope back toward himself resulting in the opponents head being torn from his/her body.
    • Spear Dismemberment/Neckbrecker: Scorpion throws his spear into both his opponents arms, and his opponents legs, ripping them off violently. Then he follows it up by snapping his flailing opponents neck.
    • Split Decision: Scorpion uses one of his swords to cut his opponent at their torso, then their neck. He then kicks the torso backward, severing it from the legs, as well as head. The head spins in midair and Scorpion slices it in half vertically.
    • Nether-Gate: Scorpion stabs his opponent in the chest with the end of his spear, wraps the chain around their neck, and kicks them through a Netherrealm portal that he spawns behind them while holding on to the end of the chain. They reappear above, through another portal, burned and hung.


    • "Where's the Lin Kuei Sub-Zero? He killed my family and clan. I will have his HEAD!"
    • "You will regret your impulsiveness."
    • "You are not yet a warrior."
    • "I have defeated the challenger, Shang Tsung. I demand Sub-Zero!"
    • "What do you know of my pas..."
    • "You no longer seek retribution? You dishonor your kind."
    • "I will honor the memory of my fallen!"
    • "The spirits have forsaken you, shaman."
    • "You waste my time, sorcerer!"
    • "Sub-Zero deserves death!"
    • "I will have my revenge!"
    • "My clan may walk on Earth once more..."
    • "I will have my revenge, but I will not kill Sub-Zero."
    • "You! The Shirai Ryu are dead. You will suffer as they did."
    • "No... To hell with YOU!"
    • "This is where I was reborn, this is where YOU WILL PAY!"
    • "I have avenged my family and clan."
    • "I..I will not. He has been beaten."
    • "What is this?"
    • "No... No!"
    • "You have already lost!"
    • "What is this? You are not Sub-Zero!"
    • "He had no honor! And you will die as he did!"
    • "Save your pity."
    • "You may address me. I will inform him."
    • "Do not talk of my family, Raiden."
    • "You speak only with me!"

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