8-4 Play: 8-4 Play 2/23/2024: WE HAVE A DATE

The future waits for no one, including Nintendo Directs and shit-hot Elden Ring DLC trailers, so take a trip backwards through time with us as we kick off with thoughts on both of the above, then wind the clocks back one night to talk about (older) news, games we’ve been playin’, and predictions for…the part of the podcast you already heard in the first half? It’ll all make sense, trust us.

Every other week, tune into 8-4 Play for talk about video games, Japan, and Japanese video games, straight from the 8-4 offices in beautiful downtown Tokyo. Hosted by 1UP Japan's own Mark MacDonald, John Ricciardi, and Hiroko Minamoto.

Feb. 23 2024

Posted by: Jan