Giant Bomb at Nite (12/06/23)

We brought the couch back to Los Angeles to chat with all of our friends in and around the industry before The Game Awards pops off! *edited out the breaks and tried to clean up the audio! 00:00 - Segment 1 - Couch: Jake Baldino, Lucy James, Emma Fyffe | Back Row: Tamoor Hussain, Michael Higham 45:43 - Segment 2 - Couch: Alyssa Mercante, Jen Glennon, Brittani Johnson, Steve Saylor | Back Row: Shawn Kittelson, John Drake 01:24:18 - Segment 3 - Couch: Jake Steinberg, Kahlief Adams, Parris Lillly | Back

The eternal battle between Giant Bomb and the Electronic Three rages on.

Dec. 8 2023

Posted by: Jan

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