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    When platform companies got the idea of selling their product in a colorful box they have included artwork and screenshots of various games that can be played on the platform.

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    Magnavox Odyssey

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    Screenshots of the Odyssey games appeared on the side of the box. It is not 100% accurate to call these screenshots because they are actually pictures of the overlays that the player would attach to the TV. Odyssey was only able to display one line and a two dots so the overlays were used to establish the background and purpose of the the game.

    Nintendo Game Boy

    The Game Boy box was notable for only including an image of one game on its box art - Tetris.

    Nintendo 64

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    The Nintendo 64 retail box contained many screenshots of its upcoming games. Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64 were the only games available at launch in North America; however, Pilotwings 64 was not shown on the box.

    Nintendo GameCube

    The first printing GameCube box for North America had nine games on its packaging, including Kameo Elements of Power and Donkey Kong Racing. Before these two games would have been released for the GameCube Rare, their developer, was purchased by Microsoft. Kameo would become an Xbox 360 title, and Donkey Kong Racing would be cancelled.

    RCA Studio II

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    The five games RCA included on the side of it's Studio II packaging were the five games that were built into the platform. A total of eleven more games would be released.

    Sega Saturn

    Several of the games listed on the second printing Sega Saturn box have alternate or misspelled titles, such as Nights (NiGHTS into Dreams), Worldwide Soccer II (Sega Worldwide Soccer '97), and ManxTT (Manx TT Super Bike).

    Sony PlayStation 2

    The SCPH-30001 model box has Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec listed as just Gran Turismo 3. This is corrected in the SCPH-39001 box.


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