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    Apple Kid

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    A brilliant young inventor living in Twoson. Despite his unkempt appearance, he plays a critical role in the events of EarthBound.

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    Apple Kid is an important NPC in the 1994 role-playing game EarthBound. He is a brilliant and prolific inventor, although these traits are often overlooked due to his poor hygiene and quiet demeanor. He also keeps a pet mouse for company who often converses with the party.

    While searching for Paula, Ness visits Apple Kid's humble home in Twoson and finds the inventor starving and penniless. Ness takes pity on him, giving him some food and a small sum of money as a research grant. Apple Kid begins work immediately and soon produces the "Pencil Eraser", a machine which conveniently removes a pencil-shaped statue obstructing the path to Happy Happy Village. With an almost supernatural knack for predicting the party's needs, Apple Kid continues to invent useful items for the party throughout the course of the game. He eventually collaborates with Dr. Andonuts and the Mr. Saturns to construct a time machine known as the Phase Distorter in preparation for the party's final battle against Giygas.

    Apple Kid is often upstaged by his next-door neighbor, the handsome and popular Orange Kid. While Orange Kid professes to be the superior scientific mind in Twoson, his own Super Orange Machine (or "Suporma" for short) seems to serve little purpose.


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