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Similar to other scuba diving simulations such as EverBlue and Endless Ocean, Aquanaut's Holiday takes place entirely underwater from a first-person perspective.  Players can explore a sizable underwater environment, and will regularly come across marine life with which the player can communicate using sound waves.  Depending on how you approach and communicate with the animals, they may react positively or flee.  The animals that become happy will be added to the player's reef, which makes up the 2nd portion of the game.

Reef-building Simulation

Players can take a break from exploration by entering a reef building simulation, in which different colored blocks are placed to attract different kinds of fish.  When the player's fish meter is full the game is considered complete.


Unfortunately, due to the limited capabilities of the PlayStation the visuals leave much to be desired.  To begin with, there is very little in the wildlife (both in terms of flora and fauna), and the sandy seabed consists of endlessly repeating textures.  While some of the individual creatures are well modeled and textured, the game is generally bland.  The reef simulation consists of placing differently-colored cubes in stacks, which looks quite artificial in the 3d environment.

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