Arc the Lad

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Jun 30, 1995

    Arc The Lad is a SRPG and introduces recurring characters throughout the series.

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    Arc The Lad is an SRPG where you take the role of Arc, a young boy from the small town of Touvil. He sets out to find his father, Yoshua, who left 10 years ago. You end up meeting a girl named Kukuru who has just put out the Flame Cion, upon request of the mayor, and is consequently attacked by monsters.


    • Arc - Arc is the Hero and Savior in the Arc The Lad series.
    • Choko - Despite being the daughter of the devil, she fights for the side of good.
    • Chongara - Chongara is a merchant and a self-titled “adventurer” who scours ancient ruins and searches for long-lost treasures.
    • Gogen - 7 heroes, he sealed himself and the enemy away for over 3,000 years.
    • Iga - A master of Kenpo, he protects the monks from outsiders.
    • Kukuru - Part of the clan sworn to protect the sacred Flame Cion.
    • Poco - Poco is part of the Palencia Military Corps - the marching band part. He is very cowardly.
    • Tosh - Tosh is a member of the Elite Guard in the town of Palencia, but disobeys orders to protect the innocent, and is punished for it.

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