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Toooo short.

I'm surprised that this game was made in 1995 since some of the games that were made in this year were really crappy.I for one think that Sony made the right move to release this game for the PS1.It really is the best first rpg ever.The only disappointment was that it was way way too short.

I would really "Do it" with Working designs for bringing this game.That is,if it was a female worker.A hot one.Anyway,here's my review for Arc the Lad 1.

The story is pretty intresting.It's like a episode since the ending is a bit confusing.Arc is the main hero in this game and Kukuru is the Heroine in this one.I really love the story.You get to know alot of the characters in this game and it has a bit humour in it.Such as Chonga,heh,he's a funny guy.

The gameplay is Okayish.Nothing great but it's still good though.You attack,use items,or use magic.That's what most Tactic games offer.This game is pretty hard if you don't level up.I had to level up 20 times one time because I rushed through the story even though it isn't a long one.This story is about 7 hours long.Yes,it's that long.

Most of the Graphics are 2-D which I really don't mind since Rpg's a meant to be 2-D.Well,maybe for us asians.Hehe.Anyway,the graphics are nice and I really don't like the 3-D effects.They're horrible in my opinion.

The sound is pretty nice.You can hear the clang of Arc's sword and such and the VA is pretty good.It's only Japanese though.The music in this game is awsome.I love it.I haven't heard such music since I played Tales of Legendia.

Again,this game is really short.I don't like short RPG's.You can finish this game in 8 hours or so.

Overall,this game is decent.The battles were pretty boring,well not THAT boring but yeah.You should give this game a try.

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