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As the game begins we see that Joey is offered a deal to play with his band "Joey and the Monsters." The next day the monsters try to wake Joey up, but he sleeps too heavily so they decide to try to blow up his house in order to get him up in time. In doing so, though, all the monster friends are scattered across the US. Now Joey must travel across the US to save his friends and eventually make it in time to play a concert in New York with his band.


The gameplay is fairly straight forward as the levels themselves are very similar in style to the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. First you must guide Joey carefully along the road as he travels to each destination by car. The player must be careful to avoid obstacles such as animals running across the road, rocks, or even other cars. Along the way you can pick up power ups such as ammo for Joey's slingshot, an automatic boost (to speed up your car briefly), or extra lives.

When you get to your destination Joey starts at some point on the map (usually bottom left) and has to make it to the exit (usually trapped by some one). You must also take care to explore the levels as there are secrets, but more importantly there are always special items you will have to pick up in order to finish the level. The game does not tell you this until you get to the end of any given level. As the player you must guide Joey around obstacles such as traps, find keys, and jump your way across the United States.There are about 3 or so maps in each level that you must traverse. If you get the item required you will be able to save your friend trapped on the level and then be able to continue forward. There are 10 levels total.

Like most 7th Level games, Arcade America also boasts a lot of fully voiced animation to make up the cutscenes which are all over the game.

System Requirements

  • A 486 33MHz or greater IBM-compatible computer with at least 8MB of RAM (a 486 66MHz is recommended)
  • A 256-color display or better
  • A Microsoft-compatible mouse or other pointing device (some Windows-compatible joysticks are supported)
  • An MPC-compatible double-speed CD-ROM drive
  • An MPC-compatible sound card and amplified speakers or headphones
  • Windows 95 or Windows 3.1 (or higher), and DOS 3.3 or higher

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