Can't remember name of this boxing game :(

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Can anyone help me remember what the name of this boxing game was?  
It sorta had art style similar to punch - out, but the cabinet had these two sticks with transparent glove-like attachments to them - one for the left hand, and one for the right.
You had to do moves on the sticks to either block, punch, or juke.

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It rings a bell.
I can't shake the feeling that it was some sort of deluxe Punch-Out cabinet, but I can't find anything on teh internet.
(...oh shit, "rings a bell", nice one self)

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did it require you to invert your DSI system? if so i think i may know what it is...

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@SamFo said:

" did it require you to invert your DSI system? if so i think i may know what it is... "

No it was an arcade cabinet
The sticks on the left and right hands looked like gloves and were transparent.  I think one was blue and one was red heh.
The protagonist was also see-through and outlined - you could see his gloves though. (It was sorta played over the shoulder of the main character from the back)
EDIT:  ooh I think i found it!
Giantbomb doesn't have it listed yet i don't think... Edit:  Not anymore :D
It was called  Title Fight

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