How dense is this game?

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About an hour and a half in, and I'm not sure how much more there is. I just upgraded my power to accommodate 30 machines. That's the last one on the list. Do you ever get to move to a bigger place? I'm enjoying it so far, but I don't know how much more game there is. If this is it, I can't see myself playing much longer.

I was hoping for Sim City with arcades. Not sure if that's what we're getting, here. Is this really a 2-3 hour long sim game? I didn't think that was possible. I mean, the point is to build a thriving arcade and if this can happen in only 2 hours I don't see a reason to continue playing.

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I want an HD Kairosoft game that covers this theme. :(

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I am not sure, but I believe it runs throughout the 80s. I'd be fine with it either way because it is cool and fun for what it is, even if that is only like 3 or 4 hours.

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I stopped playing after 3 hours. The game is just really boring. Might have worked better as an iOS game. Kind of like how Game Dev Story was really fun but probably wouldn't have worked as a console release.

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....its 3$.

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@wafflez: And I've played $1 games that I got more out of. The game is still cheap, though. I'm not "mad" that it's light, I was just hoping it wasn't. They've said that they're looking into a content patch to broaden the game out, so that'll be great if they do. I think the ETA is March, if the game sold enough.

Honestly, I'd be fine with paying more for content. I really like the concept and would love to see more employees/buildings/customization options. Hell, I'd pay in-box price for a good arcade sim. I think it's an awesome idea. Give me Rollercoaster Tycoon but with arcades and I'm sold.

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seems like a good basic concept that could really be expanded on in the future.

I'd pay $20-$40 for the concept if they actually made each machine playable and sold new machines/games for real money as DLC. Of cousre, not as the most complex titles, but quick riffs on classic titles.

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@project343 said:

I want an HD Kairosoft game that covers this theme. :(

Like the rest of the gaming populace, I got Game Dev Story - it was like the perfect game! I'm a gamer, it's about game developers, what's not to love? I soon found out what not to love - the end game is nonexistent. At a certain point the only winning move is to not play, unless you enjoy rote patterns regarding management of your dudes, their training, and strategic deployment of advertising. After you make your own console and the first few games or so, there are no new mechanics. My interest plummeted soonafter.

So no, I don't want an HD Kairosoft game. In fact, I want Kairosoft to go out of business. They won some good faith for Game Dev Story, but seeing as how every single other product they have is *Insert Noun* Story, they are uninteresting to me. We gamers complain that Ubisoft and EA and Activision put out their Just Dance and Game Party games that cost 200 bucks to make and sell millions, but at least there's evidence they funnel some of that money towards the development of their AAA games; Kairosoft doesn't - they're like the mutant cross-breed of the indie company and the industry behemoth - small in size, big in ambition to funnel money into their own pockets. Screw them.

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