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    Arcadia Saga

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    Developed by Headlock and originally published in Japan by Goldsky Digital Technology, Arcadia Saga is a MMORPG set 50,000 years in the future that focuses on humans rebuilding a Utopia.

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    Arcadia Saga went into closed beta during Q1 of 2009 and was released in Japan during the summer of 2009 by Goldsky Digital Technology. In late 2010 it was announced that InnoGames GmbH had secured the rights to release the game in western markets (Europe and North America) as their first client based MMO.


    Arcadia Saga takes place in the very distant future in which humanity has run into a devastating crisis which requires them to rebuild their world. Because of this, the primary feature of Arcadia Saga is the building of player housing. Housing can be built anywhere in the world and the defense of these buildings is integral to the gameplay. Mobs will attack the player's housing and potentially destroy it in the process. The knowledge and experience gained from building the house will allow you to level your character and construct and rebuild better housing.

    Players can work together and build housing near each other to form villages. Villages are much stronger and easier to defend than single houses. This introduces the MMO aspects of the game as it forms groups of players working in tandem. This can also introduce the competitive aspects of the game due to there being no land ownership. Another player can start building housing on the land plot where yours was destroyed.

    Other MMO standards such as player leveling, farming, and mining are present in Arcadia Saga and integrate themselves into the themes of creation and destruction. The ultimate goal is to rebuild the ancient Utopian civilization.


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