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    A majestic and fierce fire pokemon, Arcanine is the evolved form of Growlithe.

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    National Pokedex No: # 059
     Red/Blue Entry: A Pokémon that has been admired since the past for its beauty. It runs agilely as if on wings.    


    Arcanine is a regal, dog-like Pokemon. It is a pure Fire-type. Its name is said to be a combination of Arcane (mysterious) and Canine (dog). Few in-game trainers are in possession of Arcanine, making them a seldom seen Pokemon.

    Strengths and Weaknesses

    Arcanine's fire attacks are strong against Bug, Steel, Grass, and Ice types. It is also resistant to attacks from these types, as well as its own.

    Being a pure Fire-type, Arcanine is weak to Water, Ground, and Rock attacks. Fire attacks are also not very effective against those types.

    Stats and Abilities

    Base Stats:

    HP: 90
    Attack: 110
    Defense: 80
    Special Attack: 100
    Special Defense: 80
    Speed: 95


    Intimidate: Lowers the foes attack upon entering battle
    Flash Fire: Powers up fire-type moves when hit by a fire attack

    Evolution and Moves

    Arcanine evolves from Growlithe by using a Fire Stone. Because of this, the only move that Arcanine learns after evolving is its signature move, ExtremeSpeed. Typical moves for it to end up with include Take Down, Roar, Crunch, and Flamethrower, along with ExtremeSpeed.

    Appearances in the Anime

    Arcanine makes a few appearances in the anime series. He is one of the Pokemon owned by Gary Oak and used in the battle against Giovanni. It is also seen (as well as Growlithe) being used as a police dog. Ash battles Arcanine a few times throughout the series as well.


    • Arcanine's base stats are higher than most Pokemon, excluding Legendary Pokemon and a handful of others. Because of this, it is thought that Arcanine was originally intended to be a Legendary. 
    • The move ExtremeSpeed was exclusive to Arcanine in the 1st Generation of games. Since then however, a select few Pokemon (mostly Rare/Legendary) are also able to learn it.
    • Arcanine, by definition, is a legendary pokemon, despite being readily available to catch as opposed to rare "true" legendary pokemon, which are usually difficult to catch.

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