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General Information

Arcanist Doan is the keeper of the Scarlet Crusade library and also the guardian of a key that leads to many special Scarlet locations across the plaguelands (The Monastery Cathedral or Armory, the Scarlet Bastion in Stratholme...). It is however rumoured that the Crusade distrusts him.

In the Caverns of Time instance Old Hillsbrad (which takes you back to the Hillsbrad Foothills around the time for Thralls escape from Durnholde) he can be standing inside the inn in Southshore with a Knight of the Silver Hand tabard, meaning that he was probably in said organisation.


  • Silence - Puts an effect on everyone 10 yard or less around him that interrupts spellcasting 
  • Detonation - A powerful fire based AoE attack that has a 6 second cast timer.
  • Arcane Bubble - A shield that protects him from any damage for 8 seconds.
  • Arcane Missles  - A arcane one-target attack.
  • Polymorph - A ability that turns the target into a harmless sheep.


This is a pretty straight-foward encounter, but there is a few things that you should keep track of:
  1. His Detonation spell, a very high damage fire spell, which he casts at 50% health must be avoided at all costs. Mages could cast Fireward to protect from it, or the boss could be tanked in the doorway so that players can hide outside the Line of Sight. Before he uses this spell he shields himself with Arcane Bubble, making him invunerable.
  2. He uses his AoE Silence, which can be avoided by having the tank tanking him in the middle of the room, and the healer standing outside of the room, only running into Line of Sight when the tank needs a heal.  However, if your tank has a lot of health, then he might make it without some healing for a moment, and this tactic won't have to be used.
  3. When he polymorphs, be sure to dispel it (Paladins, priests). If you are a druid, you can shapeshift out of it. If you are a shaman, then you can use your grounding totem. If you are a paladin, you can use your Divine Shield to break the effect and if you are a mage you can counterspell it.


Hypnotic Blade - A Dagger made for casters
Illusionary Rod - A caster Staff
Mantle of Doan - Cloth Shoulderpads
Robe of Doan - Cloth Chestpiece
Deadman's Hand - Epic quality Ring

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