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A fellow government agent and lackey of Edgar Ross, Fordam is seen to commonly follow the lead of Ross and will equally belittle and insult John Marston during when he is forced to work with them more directly.

Red Dead Redemption

Once John has done his duty and killed (or captured, in Javier Escuella's case) his former gang comrades, Edgar, Archer, and a platoon of US military soldiers soon raid the Marston family's farm house a few months after. Amidst the assault John is eventually cornered inside a barn; he orders his wife Abigail and son Jack to flee while he attempts to hold them off. Knowing that he'll never be able to escape his past, John exits the barn in an act of martyrdom for the sake of his family.

From there the player can choose to take down a small number of soldiers before John ultimately gets gunned down; this includes being able to kill Archer as well, though whether he lives or not has no bearing on the epilogue when control switches to Jack Marston.

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