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 You are going to need bigger hedge clippers
 You are going to need bigger hedge clippers
The archespore were such persistent nuisances to Witchers that they considered adding herbicide to their arsenal. Fortuntely, fire was equally effective at killing these plant-like beasts, so the Igni sign proved very useful, and it meant that, luckily for the Witchers, that lugging a tank with herbicide around wasn't going to be a requirement.

Bestiary Entry

 "Some crimes are so terrible that they fill people with terror and offend the gods. The criminal's ill will and the cruelty of his deed conceive a curse that brings the archespore to life. The beast attacks innocent creatures hatefully, trying to take vengeance until justice is done."


Occurence:An archespore comes in existence due to a horrific crime that's been committed at that particular spot. Sometimes it appears on the tombs of the victims of such crimes.
The archespores are immune to any form of mind effects, such as fear, stun, or the Axii sign. They don't feel any pain, and they can't be poisoned, blinded, knocked down or bled to death.
Archespores are sensitive to silver, and they are very weak against fire so the Igni sign will prove very effective.
They shoot poisoned thorns, so it's a good idea to carry something with you to counter act the effects of poison.
Archespore juice and spores can be gathered from the corpse of an archespore

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