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In times of need, two High Templar can sacrifice themselves and merge to become the Archon, a being of pure energy. Those who take this sacrifice are honored forever in the Templar Archives. Because they radiate energy like the stars, Archons are ephemeral and will cease to exist once out of energy. Archons are beings of pure rage and are feared by their enemies. They can erect powerful shields and direct psionic shockwaves at their enemies

Starcraft Brood War

TypeGround, Large, Floating
RolePsionic Entity
Cost100 minerals, 300 gas
Build Time20s
Transport Slots4
Hit Points10
Armor0 (+1 for every Ground Armor Upgrade)
ArmamentPsionic Shockwave
Attack30 (+3 for every Ground Attack Upgrade)
Requires2 High Templars

Archons are a staple unit in two of the three matchups. High Templars that have expended their energy can morph into Archons to provide additional firepower. Because most of its health is in shields, it takes full damage from all attacks, making it vulnerable to Siege Tanks. However 350 shield points makes the Archon a beefy unit and can take many hits. Furthermore, Archons benefit greatly from Shield Batteries. The Archon is a short ranged unit that does splash damage, making it very effective against clustered units

The Archon is an incredible unit to use against Zerg. They can kill Zerglings in two hits and with three attack upgrades, they can OHKO a Zergling regardless of Carapace upgrades. Archons can also be potent against Mutalisks if the Zerg's Mutalisk control is subpar. If the Zerg uses a Ultralisk/Zergling composition, the Archon's importance sky rockets; not only can they take out Zerglings in one or two hits but they can stand toe-to-toe with the Ultras. Furthermore, the Defiler's Dark Swarm and Plague abilities are virtually useless against the Archon. Zealot, High Templar, Archon is a very common Protoss army composition; the Zealots take hits for the Archon while the Archon and High Templar deal the damage.

The Archon is also very useful in a Protoss mirror match, capable of decimating clumped up Zealots. However, High Templar are more important and care should be taken not to morph too many Archons.

Archons are not quite as good against Terran due to the Siege Tanks range. Furthermore, the Science Vessel's EMP completely drains the Archon's shields, leaving it with a paltry 10 HP. They do have their uses however. Because they float, Archons can clear out spider mines with Observer support. If an Archon actually survives to get up close, they can deal considerable damage.

Starcraft II

The Archon originally existed as the Twilight Archon; its name emphasizes the reunion of the Protoss. The Twilight Archon originally had the Dark Archon's Feedback ability. The Twilight Archon was scrapped and the Archon returned using the Twilight Archon's model. Originally, the Archon had legs and was seen physically walking. This has been changed back to Starcraft: Brood War style hovering.

The Archon was originally an underused unit but recent patches have increased its popularity.

TypeMassive, Psionic
RolePsionic Entity
  • 100 minerals, 300 gas (2 High Templars)
  • 175 minerals, 275 gas (1 HT, 1 DT)
  • 250 minerals, 250 gas (2 Dark Templars)
Build Time12s
Transport Slots4
Hit Points10
Armor0 (+1 for every Ground Armor Upgrade)
ArmamentPsionic Shockwave
Attack25 (+3 for each Ground Attack Upgrade)
Bonus Damage+10 to biological units (+1 for each Ground Attack Upgrade)
Requires2 Templars

Archons can be made from a combination of Dark and High Templars. Two High Templars remains the most common way Archons are formed since High Templars are staple units of a late game Protoss. Two High Templars will also free up minerals for Zealots, leading to the return of the Zealot, Archon, High Templar mix. However Dark Templars take less gas which can be important when teching. Once an enemy gets detection, Dark Templars can continue to be useful through Archons.

Though its stats remain relatively unchanged, new and improved units in Starcraft II have turned the Archon into a shadow of its former self. Nonetheless, the Archon can be an effective unit. Thanks to the new shield mechanics, Archons can recharge their shields much more quickly. Their three range lets them sit behind Zealots to deal damage. Furthermore, they are Massive units, meaning that Archons can break Force Fields and are immune to many harmful effects.

Against Zerg, the Archon remains an efficient anti-Zergling unit but it can no longer stand toe-to-toe with the improved Ultralisk. They remain effective against Mutalisks.

Against the Protoss, Archons can take on Colossi armies in small numbers; their large size mitigates splash damage and their high health lets them survive. They can be quite effective against Gateway units as not only are they good against Zealots but Stalkers take a long time to kill an Archon and Sentries are rendered useless.

Against Terrans, if it can get in range of the Bio Ball, the Archon can deal serious damage thanks to its biological bonus. Furthermore, its large size can serve as a shield to the rest of the army from EMP. EMP only removes 100 shields, allowing an Archon to take three EMPs before its shields are almost depleted.

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